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  1. Hi all,

    Newbie here. After lurking for a while i'm excited to start my first indoor set up. It's going to be small and has to fit under my workbench which is 90cm high. I can't find any cabinets with the right dimensions to fill out the space and don't feel confident enough to build my own cabinet from scratch.
    I did find a premade cabinet that would fit perfectly. After reading about those type of cabinets on this forum I know generally you all find them overpriced. I'm ok paying the $$ if it's well built and does the job. Here's what I found:
    Vortex Grow Box Mini : Vortex Mini LED Grow Box -X Series
    Expensive but they seem to use high quality components. Besides the price, does this look decent to you?

    I used to be good friends with a grower back in 2006 and have a bunch of seeds of his still lying around. I gave some to a friend and they all germinated to it looks like they are still healthy! Here's what I got:
    Chem D x Bubba - Kryptonite seeds
    Pre-98 Bubba Bx1 - Kryptonite seeds
    Strawberry Diesel - Reservoir
    Sour diesel IBL - R.
    Unknown - Cali Connect
    ULT CHEM SFV - unknow breeder
    Sour Bubble - Bog
    I've tried the strains in the past so I know there is some seriously good stuff in there. So i'm eager to get started to say the least!
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