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  1. My girls have had a wonderful season, and grown into big healthy budding ladies. I anticipate cutting them down within the next 2 weeks. This is my first grow, and everything has gone perfectly so far, so I want to make damn sure I do everything right this close to victory. I have also been religiously following Jorge Cervante's beautiful Bible. Here is a list of what I have done to prepare. They are also central time zone outdoor plants.

    • I quit fertilizing about four days ago
    • I have been supplementing with molasses for two weeks and plan on doing that for the next two weeks
    • Began watering with clean distilled water to gradually flush out nutes

    So my question is to simply ask if anyone recognizes any flaws in my planning, or if I should do anything more. Should I not water a week or so before harvest?

    Also, any ideas on long term storage once the buds are fully dry would be very helpful, because I plan not selling any of my crop. I anticipate 3-4 lbs. As of now I plan on vacuum sealing them and keeping them in a refrigerator or freezer. I've heard a lot on storing them in air tight mason jars in the freezer, but also heard some frightening stories of how this could go horribly wrong.

    It would be great if anyone could help out

  2. nah i woudn't stop watering them a week before harvest
  3. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, it seems like that is just a silly rumor polluting the internet. People have said it is supposed to make the plant produce more trichomes when they are withheld water to keep from drying out. I have never seen any published evidence of it though, it is probably not true.
  4. Will the trichs be ripe in two weeks?

    I water right up to harvest.

    As for storage after drying/curing, I prefer buried in the ground in sealed bags inside sealed containers. Depending on your area and temps, 2' down will give them a safe, accessible place with no worries.
  5. The point of with holding water before harvest is to make them dry a little faster. I just dont water for 3 days prior.

    As far as storage goes, I would put the buds in mason jars and then put them in the fridge.Putting them in the freazer makes the trichs a lot more brittle.
  6. Pretty sure they should be ready soon, I've been checking 'em with a 30x scope. The trichomes are very long and clear right now.

    That sounds like a pretty good idea for storage so that I don't have to live with the risk of having so much on me at a time, but how long have you kept it like that? Did you experience any decrease in quality? There is also very cold winters where I am located.
  7. I've carried over dried and two-week cured for 10-months with no quality loss. My winter low temps are high teens with a water pipe freeze depth of 18". I have mild spring weather and seldom need access during the middle of winter.
  8. Does anybody know how to vacuum seal jars? I need to learn how to do that
  9. Buy mason jars and Burp them every 12 hours for first 2 weeks, Then every 24 hours everyday then once done to your pref, quit burping as offen.

    Fill only 1/4-half full so if mold infection is there it wont destroy more than needed! if i find mold i cut it out and just leave it out and then the mold never shows back up again.
  10. Thanks for your help everyone, I am now a very happy man

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