Prepared to have your jimmies rustled

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  2. I would love to meet her. She seems nice.:cool:
  3. I would love to meet you too
  4. :)

  5. [​IMG]

    I've never laughed so hard at 6:37 in the morning.

    From the jimmie rustling, not from the OP.
  6. +rep to whoever successfully jerks off to this
  7. My jimmies remain thoroughly un-rustled, good sir.
  8. [quote name='"nicetoastyblunt"']+rep to whoever successfully jerks off to this[/quote]

    Looks like you owe me something.

  9. Challenge accepted
  10. It was pretty neat how they made the animations happen, but wasn't really scary at all lol.
  11. That was the most stupid thing I've ever read. It must have been written by a twelve year old girl or something.
  12. After reading the OP & before watching the video I thought this thread was about rustling turds. 'Jimmy" back in the day used to be trucker slang for taking a dump or driving a 'Jimmy' ie hauling hogs, the stench is unbelievable.:D
  13. I'm a fucking pussy, my jimmies were rustled, sir.
  14. consider my jimmies rustled. tears only dreams now.
  15. OP rep coming your way:wave:

    [ame=""]only dreams now - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Ah heart stopped beating when that first animation came up. Fuck that shit. My jimmies have definitely been rustled. SHIT. Need to go smoke a bowl now.
  17. NOT HERE!!! haha that was creepy but funny.

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