Premature Buds and Ungrown Buds ..........

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dr_GThumb, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys This is my many grows down the line, But first with a HPS. I have used CFLS Before this. Now I thought a HPS over powers the CFLS by a Ton. But it seems my penetration is just as weak or something is not correct. All my lower buds or buds close to the stem are light in color, yellow ish and you can tell there is plenty of water inside them. Its like it is ungrown or touched by light. What do you think I can do to fix this issue?? I see others that grow SCROG and have huge colas in there tents, and not have this issue. So why me??? I have some pix to show what I mean, you can also click the link in sig to see the grow. Thanks guys

  2. I think unless you trim the lower branches off, you're going to get premie buds... I grow with fluorescents and HPS/MH and honestly I think I get 'deeper' light penetration with full spectrum T-5s. With the T-5s I can get the fixture right down on top of the plants... seemed like all thru harvest there was less dead leaves falling off from lack of light, plus while I did have premies, they were pretty close to the ripeness of the top colas

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