preflowers all over - don't know what to make of em

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Smiley Coyote, May 26, 2010.

  1. I know that at first, female preflowers can look a little like a pod until a couple of hairs show, but do they ever fully look like a bulb on the end of a stalk, like with some males? I am seeing a variety of preflowers and removed one of my six plants yesterday after finding obvious male nubs but on the ones I am not too sure of (they are awful small) I worry - I have been unsure of several for several days now and I don't want preflowers releasing pollen (been told they can). At the same time, if I remove every plant that looks like it MIGHT be a male that will leave at most two. They look like females too. I tried taking pictures but it comes out all blurry at that magnification.

    I guess my question is, when preflowers start to show, how long before, worst case scenario, one pops with pollen? Also, how long do females go before preflowers stop resembling male ones?

    Critical moment for me, as you might imagine.
  2. A friend writes, "Keep growing til you actually pollen will be released until the male plant is mature. Pre-flowers are a good way to pre-sex...but as __________ has said...not always 100% accurate. When the plant starts to actually flower...unless you need the pollen...yank them then if male"

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