Preflowering In Late May?

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  1. What's up GC? First post on the site though I've been a member and reading information for quite some time now. Anyways, it's my first grow ever and it is outdoors. I have 7 bag seed plants that are now 10 weeks old. 1 of the 7 seems like it is already showing female pistols, but from what I've read isn't it a little early to beging preflowering outdoors? I'm in Mississippi and they are receiving sunlight from sunrise to sunset all day. The only difference in this one plant is that it's in. A 2 gal container vs a 5 gal bucket like the rest are. Also this dame plant has been shorter throughout the entire process so far than any of the others. So could Someone please inform me of what's going on. Pics below! image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Looks like its going into flowering early. How many hours of light is it getting outdoors? I`ve had plants go into flowering on 14 hours of light and have 3 out of 20 doing that this year.
  3. It's receiving the same amount as the others, 10 hrs + a day.
  4. thats not pre flowers thats it in flowering stage
  5. Once a plant is sexualy mature or even a clone taken from a sexualy mature plant they can go into flowering if put outside to early when the number of daylight hours is around 14 hours.
  6. Thanks for the clarification guys. This one is definitely a female though? Am I correct? If so, is they any way to predict what a yeild may be with the plant being so small? It's only about 1 - 2 ft now.
  7. Its deffintely a female. As for guessing what it will yield is a guessing game at best not to mention that while drying and curing buds lose upto 80% of their weight.
  8. Appreciate the help with that tplat. How do you think the others are doing so far? Here's one of them image.jpg
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    Doesn't look to bad. the upward clawing of the leaves could be either from heat or a nutrient deficiency like magnesium. Calcium and Magnesium are 2 common nutrients that most organic soils and base nutes lack.
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    First, small pots cause early flowering (that's why others aren't flowering)
    Then your latitude (between 30 and 35 depending in Miss.) means there's under 14 hours of light right now and 10 of darkness and since mj flowers under 14 about, that's what's happening.
    So even the ones in bigger pots may flower soon depending on the strain too.
    I would add nitrogen if possible to stimulate growth (and avoid flowering), this can force the plant not to flower early too.  Also try placing them indoors for 2 extra hours at least so they stay above 14 and get to grow more before they flower. 
    For the next seasons for your situation, a good idea is to veg them indoors, then place them outdoors once they're big enough and it's ok for them to flower.
    I'm around 45 lat so my 14 hour limit occurs in mid August, for you the limit will occur in mid July (hence the need to veg them indoors first)
    You can type your latitude here and see what I mean:

  11. u can check light schedules in my sig also :)
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     i am a newbis to this great site, but have been growing for 4-5 years with good success after learning a whole lot over those years. i also have 3 of 12 preflowering . they are in the ground and have been since end of april when had just a little more than 14 hours sunlite 
    . and only in the last week they decide to preflower? the daylight time has gotten even longer since they went in the ground. 38lattitude i believe, california at 4500 feet. it has been cold at night. i know they were planted early but had been under a lite for a month and needed to go out. weather was hot then but has cooled since. they seem to still be growing and vegging,but preflowering also. will they revert back or just flower out and be done in a couple months? if they do keep flowering can i pick the buds and leave the plant to flower again? i have heard of people harvesting from the same plant 2 or 3 times in 1 year. but think the people who told me that are full of shit.! 
    any suggestions are more than helpful.i have thought of hitting them with nitrogen as i saw mentioned. i think i will.
  13. You can reveg a plant that has been harvested just don't go cutting everything off. It does take time for a plant to reveg but how long it takes I don't know I never tried it.
  14. thanks. just pick buds and don't cut plant down.correct?
  15. that's what I would assume but I never tried it before.
  16. I wouldn't stress. If you just let the plants grow naturally they should pull through just fine and still yield at least a couple ounces a pop for you this fall. I have a couple strains doing the same thing. And the same thing happened last year too. I keep outgrowing my indoor grow are for my starts before the days are quite long enough, so I just have to let nature take its course. If you had started them a few weeks earlier, you might have serious problems, but as it is, I think you will be just fine. Expect reduced blade count for a while, but that's about it. Maybe a few twisted leaves, but I don't think you made it far enough into flowering to really worry. Next season aim to plant closer to may 5-15 for best results.
  17. mine are also flowering in bay area. i even pulled a couple grams off a plant that was reeeeally flowering a couple weeks ago. my plants are all in the ground and about 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall. gonna be a good one this year. dont sweat on the pistils, eventually days will get longer and a branch will shoot out of the flowers. harvesting mid summer? that sounds like bull unless its an auto. i wouldnt harvest the same plant twice if i were u, cannabis is an annual plant, dont try to trick mothernature cuz u cant beat millions of years of darwinism. what nutrients u use will also affect the flowering times. hope it works out!
    -the cropper
  18. My clones preflowered this year :( but there already starting to reveg so I'm not worried. None of my plants from seed preflowered though so I'm thinking maybe the clones were cut when the mother was closer to flower...mjmamma is right on just let your plant do it's thing
  19. Clones are usualy taken from a mother plant that is already sexualy mature. Some wait till their mother plants are around 2 feet tall or taller and by then the plant is old enough to show sex, once it shows sex its sexualy mature. For a plant to become sexualy mature naturaly it takes anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 months of veg growth. So if you plant your seedlings outside around 4/20 by the time their sexualy mature there will be enough light hours to keep them in veg growth.
  20. Good information here.
    I am also experiencing early flowering in my outdoor girl.
    I have an AK-47/Mango Kush blend that was started from a clone back in early April.  I have an unheated outdoor greenhouse that I put the plant in during the day, but we have had an unusually cold spring this year so I am still bringing it in at night.
    I have been feeding it daily with House-Garden veg nutrients: but it seems to still want to bud. I know AK-47 is an early flowering strain, but Mango tends to grow a little longer and do well outdoors. Take a look at these pics and let me know if you think I should stick with the veg nutrients, or go ahead and switch to Bud XL? Going to take some clones in the next day or two just in case....  also for reference I am 8050' above sea level at 38.884 latitude. Thanks.

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