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  1. can anyone tell me if this is in preflower. i see the white hairs (2 of them) but no calyx. also top looks much like a flower. sorry bout pics, still waiting on micro...

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  2. Yes

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  3. shit, how, the most dark shes had is 7 hrs. can i put her back in veg and why cant i see calyx
  4. I don't see anything clearly enough to make a call.
  5. and this one?

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  6. I still don't see anything to indicate sex.
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  7. To be fair I could be wrong give me 5 mins this fones shit I'll put pics on my 60inch tv them ill know

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  8. I don't think it is yet them leaves looked like the start but think I'm wrong just keep going on 18.6

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  9. IMG_1406.JPG IMG_1407.JPG IMG_1404.JPG IMG_1405.JPG Can anyone tell the sex of these plants? About 2 months I'm veg first grow I think ones showing white hair but very little
  10. i dont either but what would the hairs b there for. no calyx. i need a micro
  11. Hope yall still active in this. Ive got what i ferl is a early preflower eomrn popping out. But then again...u see what u want at first lol. So can i have somr unbiased eyes 20170712_031437.jpg
  12. Preflowers don't mean the plant is budding. Plants from seed tend to put out preflower at about 6-8 weeks in veg but it's random and not all do. It's only really the plant saying "Look at me, I'm female." They're still just vegging. I've vegged plants for 3-4 months that never preflowered. I've also had moms that continue to veg for months covered in preflowers.

    Since I've been cloning about 75% of the time now I'll have some preflowers on my clones shortly after they're rooted. It certainly doesn't mean they are ready to flower or are in flower.
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  13. not pre, but when it is, still dont have to flower if ya dont want. i got plants still got flowers to for like 3 weeks. still veggin tho
  14. I know that, lol i was asking if it was female. I plan of vegging for another month. Just eanting to make sure i have a female. Thats all i know its not ready
  15. Just wishful hoping she was showing her sex, bc if so both of mine are shoeing to be girls.

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