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Prefilled O pen on plane

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by honda07, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Yes yes I see time and time again people asking how to bring flower on planes which is pretty wild BUT
    I'm asking has anyone ever brought a prefilled cartridge in their carry on with their normal e cig vape oils n batteries? I'll be goin g back home to a non medical state during christmas and I really don't want to carry flowers on me and seeing I use the o pen from time to time I was wondering how easy it is to check through security if it was with my e cig kit?
  2. Scenarios like this are making it harder for ecig users to avoid strict regulation. Best bet is to find some old friends, or new ones , who smoke weed when you go back home. Or you can be "cool" and try it for yourself and see if it works. 
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    Not trying to be "cool" just looking for. People who have done it. As these BARELY a smell and looks like a normal cartridge for a ego

    My concern with the flowers was I don't want to carry them while home as I've had a possesion ticket before and having a bag on u with a pipe is easier to find then a generic looking ecig, I get your issues with the e cig community and regs . And I've always respected my mom so I wouldn't bring budz in the house

    I'm not a kid I'm a 25 year old disabled Veteran so I guess I'm more paranoid about local cops bustin me compared to getting caught by TSA...seeing it would be carry on and a domestic flight in not even concerned with a dog
  4. If airport security considers your vape pen as a potential weapon, then it will be confiscated and you may be questioned.
  5. Oss I was hoping you would chime in

    I dunno how prevalent that is. I have brought my normal nom THC kit on a few flights before and never questioned..I would think if they had an issue it would be more with the lithium batteries then anything
  6. Well, that's a first!! Thanks!!  :) Most people wish i would stay the f outta thier threads.
  7. No,no. I may not get on here much anymore. But when I do I get a kick out of the shit you say. And you don't speak bullshit, just the facts
  8. I've taken edibles and oil in capsules through security and have put pipes (with resin) in checked bags, both without incident.
  9. United States Postal Service
  10. Ur best bet make cannabis tinctures... Drops of liquid in a small glass jar. Ur open cape pen is metal. Ull get busted
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    I don't know how to make that honestly, also. The o pen cartridge is not metal at all. Besides the detachable battery..which is just a normal ego c battery. I don't get where you are going with this?
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    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413345826.142864.jpg

    To give you a better idea..the cartridge is all plastic except for the cartomizer on the bottom with the make connection to the battery...I dunno. Doesn't this look like a random regular prefilled ecig tank?
  13. It will set metal detector off. Dude mix weed with the most potent alcohol u can fin. Google how to make cannabis tincture. Security isn't stupid. I had them tear all my bags apart over an Xbox 360. Make the tincture. Send yourself the openvape pen in the mail.
  14. That sounds like a pretty good idea to me OP, just depends on how they are at the airport i guess though.  Are they even remotely cool about grass in medical states?
  15. Airport security are becoming increasingly more aware of what exactly e-cigarettes are, which may make it easier for liquid cannabis products to go undetected if disguised as e-cigs. But one sniff to a dog and you're gonna have a bad trip. Dog's don't care if it's $100/gm concentrate or $100/oz dirtweed.
    A licensed user can legally fly with flower from one legal state to another.
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    I see others have answered, but I'm just gonna go ahead like I didn't notice that anyway. I have taken everything with me on a plane. Only place I wouldn't necessarily start travel through is Denver...they have to be strict. In LA, LAX has a policy that says they aren't there to look for drugs, personal use is up to local law enforcement, if they feel the need to defer to them. I've never been deferred. I think I've had up to a quarter, dispersed up, with my papers, and on my person - not my checked luggage. I usually check the tolerance policies of the city I'm flying into. Not every place is legal, but some are decriminalized, and if they want to fine me ...fine. 
    Don't use your ecig ON the plane, but you can in the terminal and other places. Eat an edible for the plane ride. 
    There is nothing gonna stop my from bringing my pen with me. If I must, I'll break it up and place it in different places, so it doesn't look like it goes together. Nice thing about some of the opens is they have the stylus end, so you can just fake it. 
    OH! And some places have outlawed ecigs entirely, so check that too, depending on where you're traveling! Doesn't even matter if it has cannabis or not.
  18. Are you reading what I'm saying man? I KNOW it has metal..I'm saying store it with all my other normal e cig vape materials like my oils and battery n charger in my case and have it in my carry on..I've flown plenty of times carrying my case on my carry on and they never fret about my vape bag...basically I'm saying I'm not going to stuff this thing up my ass but "hide" it in plain site
    Yea but I'm saying flying from california. To a non medical state
  19. PERFECT. Yes flying out of LAX to a Midwestern state that is not medical ...I always bring my regular e cig kit with me on my carry on with my regular oils , 2 batteries and charger. And never a problem so I was just going to have the cartridge in there as well seeing it looks like just another style of tank..not planning on using it in the airport lol as it still has a tiny piney smell..main reason I want to do this is because the state I'm going to is my old home state and I've had a possesion ticket there when I was like 16 (8 years ago) and I honestly don't want to carry actual flower on me ...besides smoking to medicate I love going snowboarding n I figured if I was to be pulled over and had my normal e cig kit on me with the o pen the cop wouldn't think too much of it as its not a common norm up there to have oils n wax on the streets(yet)

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