Preferred joint (tobacco or not)

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  1. When you roll a pearly joint would you prefer rolling one (or two, etc.) with 100% herb, or roll a spliff type of deal (i.e. 50% weed, 50% tobacco). And why??

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. i use tobacco because it saves more weed.
  3. For me- 100% weeeeeeed indeeeeeeeeeed. I don't smoke cigarettes so why would I want tobacco ruining my tasty kush :p
  4. I'm not sure I really like the burn and size I get with the tobacco but it take away from the taste of your bud and it seems like the tobacco stink lingers longer.
  5. i roll 100% dank. i roll 4 at a time cuz i smoke 2 then a cig then the other two and get a glass of soda. i only roll .5 each but if i have the bud to last ill roll.8 or .9 fot he last one.
  6. this

    i used to love me a spliff when i smoked cigs, but now it just ruins it for me
  7. For those of you that don't roll 100% bud and instead go with more of a tobacco/bud mix, what quantities can you buy tobacco in? It's just sold in big bags right?

    What "size", if you will, of bagged tobacco do you normally go with? And how much does one of these run you?

    Trying to start conserving some bud so I'm not burning through an 8th a week hahaha

    :smoke: peacee :smoke:
  8. What brand of tobacco, also?
  9. buy norwegian shag. i get it for $5.50 /ounce at my local tobacconist. shits delicious

  10. get a piece of glass, it'll save a ton
  11. I smoke cigarettes. And when i roll a joint I mix some tobacco in there. Not 50 50. Id say 75% bud, 25% tobacco. It just makes the joint burn slower and nicer. And the tobacco is good too. I like it.
  12. i use 100% of the wacky tabacky. i dont smoke cigs so i dont like the taste of tobacco

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