Preferably a Question for All The Arkansans out there?

Discussion in 'General' started by LSDForPeace, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Well I've been reading posts and threads on GC for many months now and have finally decided to make an account! I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right spot, so I apologize ahead of time. Anyways my question is, I've been living in California all my life and am spoiled with the price and quality of the bud here that I can get. But I may be moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas soon and was wondering how the bud is around there and the prices? If you've lived around there or know would yound mind answering?
  2. faytown gots some junk weed fuckin college kids rippin you off 24/7 fuck fayetteville
  3. I'll take that into consideration..
  4. plenty of bars though. plenty of hot bitches. but fuck fayetteville and their weed.

    youll find yourself paying $25-30 a gram for some "SUPER medical kush dank yo" and it'll be some mids at best. if youre dedicated enough, drive up to joplin, mo for some real dank at regular prices. it may be 45 mins away, but its worth it o.o
  5. Shit I will definitely be doing that! Its going to kill me paying that much for a gram. Right now I can get nice indoor or outdoor medical for $10/grams, and even better shit than that. Sounds like its pretty shitty so far.
  6. haha yeah! the weed scene was kinda jacked here for awhile after the tornado hit, but it seems to be back to normal now.

    but yeah, even in joplin you wont be finding any dank for less than $15-20 a gram, it will usually run you $20/g or $35 for 2g's. in my experience. with several different dealers. but fucking fayetteville, no, 25 across. you buyin an eighth? $80. stupid. maybe i didnt know the right people there cause let's face it i didn't live there just several friends who went to UA lol.
  7. Damn man, what a major bummer.

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