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  1. Yield prediction based on pic & personal opinion of yours? IMG_9302.JPG

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  2. Between 0 and 1000 grams...........who knows, just enjoy whatever it is ya do get :passing-joint:

    Lookin good
  3. Still a little too early to do a proper guess, so much variables, especially for outdoor. I used to ask people the same but after a couple of harvests i found you can never guess a proper estimate for yield when its a few weeks from harvest. Wait until the last week or so before harvest and judge for yourself how dense the buds since pics can't show us lol.

    Strains/phenos/weather/knowledge/medium/nutes all play a roll on how dense your buds will be. If you have what looks like a lot of weed but its very fluffy it won't weigh much.

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