Predicting the future?!

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  1. I find sometimes when i smoke i can predict the future. i will just be sitting around and somehow can sense when something is going to happen and what will happen and it always comes true. the weird part is, is there is never any foreshadowing. :confused:
    its kinda hard to explain so if you've experienced this before share your stories :)
  2. yo crazy shit, i know what your talkin about. that sometimes happen to me when im stoned but its not that big

    sometimes when im just chillin and listening to my ipod, if im listening to a playlist that i know well, i sometimes just imagine a song that will play and guess what? that song plays after. that shit happened quite a few times now
  3. It's happened to me before but they are just coincidences.
  4. WOW. NO JOKE AT LEAST 2 TIMES A WEEK THIS HAPPENS TO ME. like the other day i was walking on the beach. way far from the main spot. we were (my friends and i) walking by the small rocks along the beach. not the big ass bolders. but i just thought to myself i bet we will see a condom. just thought about it breefly. and my friend said hahah hey look its a condom and it was a orange one. so weird.
  5. dude, you're bound to find condoms on the beach
    jk i know what you mean
    weed just unleashes an inner power of predicting the future...:smoking:
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    Yeah, OP, I get that all the time. I'm sure they're just lucky coincidences, though. Something that I'll say in passing will end up being more relevant. Like a foreshadowed deja-vu; if you know what I mean.

    Example/True story.

    My family and I were going over to a grandparents house to pickup leftovers. I made the joke that we were going over there to 'rob them' for their leftovers. In those words, I.E robbing. Turns out we showed up inconveniently, as they were both having a nap and asleep. Having an extra key, and attempting to be courteous and leave without waking them, we walked in took the leftovers out of the fridge and left. All completely quiet and without a trace.

    My joke wasn't a joke, it was true! :eek: No word of a lie, forgery, or fallacy.

    P.S, I am/was stoned. ;)

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