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Precautions of a DIY oil extractor?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shmev, May 30, 2011.

  1. So I'm wanting to get into extracts and BHO, and I'm a huge DIY guy with making bongs and whatnot, (I do own glass don't worry). I have been looking up oil extractors and how they work and stuff, but I found a guy who made his own out of PVC, just a simple one, a middle pipe and two caps on the end with a hole for the butane tip, and holes at the bottom to allow it to drain. My question is would PVC be safe for this type of extraction? I don't know much about how stuff reacts with each other or if the PVC would get toxins in the BHO, so thats why I'm asking my fellow experienced blades. I know there must be a coffee filter at the bottom as well, but I've got that all figured out. I have a HUGE bag of shake just layin around, probably a half pound to a pound, so I really wanna get some use out of it lol.
  2. just get a glass extractor
  3. Like I said...I already looked into those, but if PVC is a safe alternative and I can build it myself, I'd rather do that because I enjoy making my own stuff and it will be MUCH cheaper, probably $2-$5.
  4. I do not know personally, but i have read a lot about BHO, and ive seen 30-40 various posts saying don't use pvc as it does release lots of chemicals... Most people say use a 1 3/4" stainless steel pipe over a pvc pipe, but if you can, deff go for glass... Sorry i don't know the science to it or anything, but that was what i read.
  5. "
    The following information is provided as a general guide for the
    selection of piping systems subjected to various chemical
    substances. The recommendations stated are based on
    information provided by our raw material suppliers and is
    believed to be reliable. This information is based one or more of
    the following: actual chemical immersion testing, chemical
    structure comparison to substances that have been tested,
    past field experience, and various other sources"

    The document goes on to state that Type I PVC is acceptable for exposure to butane in that it can safely hold it without significant corrosion. Type I is the only PVC recommended for butane. Keep in mind that this is for storage and that significant tests for determining whether or not using butane and pvc in order to make extracts that are later inhaled is safe or not have not been performed.
    I'd probably go for it, my reasoning being that if PVC can hold butane for long periods of time there probably wouldn't be that many chemicals released in the rather short amount of time it takes to perform an extraction

    Source (pdf)

  6. Thanks for the info! I'm still uncertain if I should go through with it, guess I'll just do some more research, thanks though! :D
  7. Your best bet for a cheap bho tube is a stainless steel turkey baster. Not really DIY, since you just have to clamp on a coffee filter and it's done. By the way, if you want some high quality BHO, you should use entire buds, the oil you get from shake is okay, but not the best. Then again, if you have nothing better to do with the shake, then go right ahead and blast it.
  8. pyrex turkey baster aka GLASSSSSS.
  9. Check for brass. Not sure if PVC is safe but I'm pretty sure that brass would be, probably a bit more expensive but better safe than sorry right?
  10. My old dealer used a metal turkey baster, and his BHO got me flying like a kite after 1 large rip from the tube.
  11. Thanks everyone for the replies, I like the sounds of the turkey baster better than using PVC lol, I'll prolly go our tmorrow and get one and ill let yall know how it turns out!

    Thanks again!
  12. make sure it's glass.
  13. I used PVC it worked but I'm going to upgrade to a glass one soon, I used the PVC run just to see how easy it was and of I wanted to get into it further and I'm hooked it ended up great.
  14. Just use polypropelene(not sure about spelling) looks like pvc and I know pvc does release toxins into the oil but stainless steel, polypro, and teflon are for sure go to materials. Glass too of course. Here is a diy link that has do and do not material list. DIY BHO Extractor and Extraction guide - The Garden's Cure

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