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Pre/post smoking bong rituals?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SaladFingers, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. I was just wondering what gc does with their bongs before and after having a good ol session. I'll just fill it with water, shake, and empty it about 3 times before I leave the water in there. Then ill put that bad boy in the freezer while I load a nice bowl in my room. I'll probably let it stay in the freezer for about 10 minutes. God, the hits after that are so nice.

    afterwards I'll rinse it out another two times or so and stash it away.

    anyone do this kind of stuff when you smoke?
  2. im a fanatic when it comes to the cleaning of my bongs. CLean before and after each use, sometimes in the middle of it lol. Nice avatar 311 is awesome seen em three times here in toledo.
  3. I like to keep my bong in the fridge ready to go. It stays clean and cold that way.

    Between sessions I rinse it and change the water. I also like to rinse the slide to get rid of loose resin and ash.

    I rinse it with alcohol/salt about once a week. It takes a minute to get it sparkling clean if you clean your bong regularly.

  4. you're from toledo? i am too
  5. yeah i usually pick a bong ,clean it (if necessary), smoke the shit out of it..... when im at home i dont know why but i always pretty mucheat and listen to music and play pc games or go tryin to find some more chronic money
  6. I find that if I sacrifice an animal, my highs are better.
  7. i will be trying that very, very soon....

    R.I.P rza (my cat)
  8. yes i am. Born and raised. WHat part of town you in, im in the old south end (south &sumner area)
  9. damn, need to try that lol
  10. Haha, I could see some activist coming on here and seeing that. Next day, headline news, "MARIJUANA TURNS PEOPLE INTO SADISTIC MANIACS".

    Oh shit, wait, they've been saying that since the 30's.

  11. I concur. Dancing around fires and praying to the ghost of Bob Marley are also effective.
  12. fill with clean water

    smoke some bowls

    dump out dirty water
  13. Fill the bong, perc, and A/C with extremely hot water then stack it with ice.

    Condensation allows for monster-giganto-whitecloudofdoom hits.
  14. hot water!?!?!?

    i keep my bongs relatively clean and i keep them clean water so they are extra stable (just in case a boat hits the house or theres an earthquake or a plane comes down or a fat guy starts to really bust moves) so i just load mine up with ice and smoke away.

    after i'm done i'll usually dump the water and fill her again (for the abovestated stability)

    the water i put in all of my pieces is as cold as possible, mr OP
  15. Since reefer madness came out in 1939. Its hilarious if you actually watch it they make up so many lies saying one joint is worse then shooting up heroin.


    You'll never use cold water again...

    Basically you're inhaling a cloud.

    Think of it as a steam bath for your lungs instead of trying to inhale a bunch of combusted material, you're basically inhaling a bunch of steam. Well, there's still combusted materials, but much less aggravating.
  17. I always make sure the bowl is spotless before and after smoking. Nothing I hate more than a bowl with old smoked bud in it.
  18. yeah dude, when i smoke in my room i just rill my bong with water from my mini fridge, then let it chill in the fridge and watch tv or something for like 10 minutes. then i load a nice bowl and blow out my window :bongin:
  19. I always clean my bong or pipe with rubbing alcohol after each smoke. First I run hot water through it to knock out the particles and soften the resin, then I put the rubbing alcohol and shake that bitch up. I always clean the slides, downstems, bong, everything- everytime.

    I also fill all of my clear glass up once a week with hot water, add a little Cascade Complete, and let it sit for 15 minutes to get lime and calcium deposits off of it.

    A clean bong is a happy bong IMO.

    So yeah, I'm pretty religious with keeping my glass clean.
  20. OCD much?? jk lol.

    also i dont see how a steam bath (hot water) would be better than a cool smoke (cold water). i figure that, since my lungs dont really like being burnt, an intake of smoke at a much lower temperature would help keep me happy in the traecheal area lol... however i've never done cold water either. i'm more of a bowl person... they hit hardest imo

    can someone indulge me in more detail on hot vs cold water? or is there a post somewhere...

    (if there is i'll go find it, dont need a link i'm just curious as this is something i've never heard of before :))

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