Pre-Mature Flowering

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  1. Hey any one know the best source for nitrogen when it comes to keeping my babies from going into early Flower? Normally I just keep them in indirect sunlight for the first week or so and hit em with a couple of flood lights for a couple hours at dusk to acclimate them to the natural sun, but, this year we are about to get a blast of cold weather, possibly snow so they will not be in my care and custody for the next week. My Pops will be in charge of thier future and thats not a good thing.....I need something easy that he will actually do.... like one cheap thing he can do that will not work him to hard..... as he will say, I'm very busy! He retired at 35 and now he's 64, rough fn life.....won't want to bother you with some watering of your own sons fn future....

    anyway, let me know if you have any suggestions..... :)_#
  2. Earthworm castings. High in available nitrogen
  3. try keeping the plants on a Higher photoperiod of 12/12, unless ts autoflowering then you can't do anything? but i recommened 18/6
  4. Did they live?

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