Pre Harvest Pics!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by babybleu, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Our first harvest was yesterday and we took a few pics of our awesome buds prior to trimming to share with all of you!!

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  2. Man that looks good, make sure to save your trim for hash
  3. Dam those are some sick lookin buds. +rep on the successful harvest. :smoking:
  4. nice ! +rep!
  5. wow, that first pic is beautiful.

    what strain may i ask?

    harvest them niggros, i bet you cant wait to smoke some of that dank!
  6. they are g-13 ... yes, Green Man, we have saved the trims for hash, canna butter, etc. I'm going to cure some of the leaf and try it. I know that's not how it's done nowadays but I remember 30 so years ago, you planted it, pulled it, hung it, smoked it... all of it!!! I'm curious about the potency of the leaves, especially since everyone says that it's only good for hash and butter. We made cookies last month out of the males that we had to sacrifice and they were delicious but it varied from person to person on the of highness. This new batch will be awesome!!!

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