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  1. So I'm currently vegging a few new strains I had picked up (clones) they are from a reputable source (but have been burned to many times to trust still)
    So as I watering these beautiful things today, I've noticed some pre Flowers on one of the strains (24 hour veg for now) they have been vegging for close to three weeks in one gallon containers.. my question is I thought I came across a ball sack? Or maybe I'm
    Just paranoid, it's very hard for me to tell sex just from vegging without actually going mid week 2 in flower. Here are some pics (same exact plant these pics show females pistils but also I'm hoping this one snap shot I took isn't a sack?) my concern is that last two pics... can't tell if that's a ball? Herm? Or am I paranoid? I really need sum help before I transplant

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  2. Any help anyone?
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    That's female for sure. If it was developing pollen sacs you'd notice for sure.
    Don't worry my man, she will serve you well :pimp: Here's a handy graphic showing a close-up of preflowers->
  4. You have a girl
  5. You guys are real much appreciated I jus counldnt tell from them last two pics you guys are always great help
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