Pre Flowers For 4 Weeks , Still No Bud Growth

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  1. I have 4 kalashnikova's from ghs , 3 of them are doing very well on their 3rd week of flower, 4th week of 12/12 . However one plant has had pistils since a week after switching from 12/12, and has grown and grown but not grown any buds . Buds on the other plants are very nice . I have no light leaks , using the same nutrients and set up I been using for 3 years , 400whps , haven't got any other problems, its just not budding properly . Why ? Just green house seeds selling sh*t seeds ? Wondered why the seeds were so cheap ...
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    It happens, who knows why? I've got a room full of strains and one of the Holy Grail didn't show sex for over a month while another HG  has fully developed buds... STRANGER THAN FICTION. That particular time frame will have the HG finishing about the time of my White Widow which has a ten week flowering time.
  3. Sorry to hear your troubles , however nice to know there's someone in the same boat with me . I spose the plants getting bigger and bigger so when it does finally stop being a retard and bud , I should get a very healthy yield . Ill post when it finally starts to get a nice little afro of white hairs , not just one or two
  4. It is typical to get a slacker!, now and then, should you be a breeder rather than a grower, you would be inclined to pull this babe, and move on, but then again maybe good to experiment on too?
  5. I think I will leave the breeding to the pros , ( not to green house seeds tho ) lol , nice to hear people saying that it cud just b a genetic thing , all you hear on other posts are things like 'oh light leaks ! ' , when you know there are no llight leaks . I'm gna give this plant 2 more weeks , and if I don't see any bud growth I will leave it in the dark for 2 days then put it back under 12 12 .
  6. And from other forums and posts people seem to say things like ' once it does flower , it will probably really good smoke tho ' so maybe gay plants like this are bomb

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