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  1. Probably a total noob question, actually it definitely is, but ive come this far so im being extra careful.

    My plants have just showed pistils so should i continue to feed her veg nutes or switch to bloom ferts? and if I should continue to feed her veg nutes when should i make this switch? thanks blades
  2. Start the bloom and in 2-3 weks give her a shot of veg
  3. Potassium tends to trigger flower growth. Giving them more K than in veg will help more flowers grow. Start feeding them a little more Phosphorus when flowering begins, and increase that amount as more flowers grow. Begin slowly decreasing Nitrogen from vegging levels when flowering starts, aiming to cut off all N by about 2/3 of the way through.
  4. Jelly I'm sorry but you really confused the shit out of me. I've been giving her veg nutes of 7-4-5 once a week. What would be a good ratio for the bloom ferts and how often should i feed her?
  5. N-P-K. Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potasium. Your veg is 7-4-5. You need lower N, and higher P and K in your bloom nutes. If you have the bloom nute already the math is done for you.GL:)
  6. Is there any organic way to get phosphorus into the soil? Im short on $$ and wont have flower nuts for a couple weeks.


  7. ahhh alright i see now. this is what happens when one is a total noober. should i continue on the once a week feeding and increase amounts as it continues to flower?
  8. yep. Its called feed and wait.
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    When you flip the lighting to 12/12, the plant will look exactly the same the next day but probably a little bit bigger. It'll likely be the same way the day after. The point being that switching to flowering doesn't instantly change the plant or the nutrients it needs.

    What do change instantly are your intentions, which dictate what small adjustments you make to the nutrient levels to influence growth that you want to occur. For example, plants in veg get a little more N than they actually need in order promote more vegetative growth. By the same token, flowering plants get a little more K & P than they presently require in order to encourage more flower growth.

    Vegging plants might need a ratio around 3-3-1.5 to prevent deficiency damage. If so, they'd probably veg faster with 4-3-1.5. When flowering starts, and even though the plants' nutrient requirements don't actually change, you'd eliminate the extra N you were giving them because you no longer want more vegetative growth (3-3-1.5), you increase the K to encourage flower growth (3-3-4), and finally increase P to grow the flowers that the K encouraged (3-4-4). *These aren't specific numbers for your grow, just an example of how nutrient levels are changed at flowering. You can start out with higher concentrations of the same ratios (3-3-1.5 = 6-6-3) and adjust them the same way.

    As more flowers grow and the plants get bigger, they'll need more flowering nutrients and less N. That 3-4-4 ratio becomes 2-5-5, then 1-6-6, etc. Finally, the last feeding comes at the watering before the final flush and has no Nitrogen.

    Don't be afraid to burn the lowest leaves on the plants a little. Knowing how much of your fertilizer mixes cause burn at different stages of growth is important to knowing the most food you can use & to growing the biggest buds possible. Imho every harvested plant should show at least a little burn on the oldest leaves. If they don't, they could have been fed more and probably yielded more.
  10. Your 7-4-5 might get changed to about 4-7-7 at the start of flowering, decreasing N & increasing the overall concentration as you go.
  11. Hey jelly I've been feeding em just like you said and they look real good. Getting bigger and danker by the day. Unfortunately it's been raining here which washed off the neem oil and I'm getting nommed on really hard. These flourescent colored bugs keep comin on em too.

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