Pre-flower or male plant???

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  1. Hi,

    Complete novice grower here. Some time ago (1 month or less), I took cuttings from a suitable mature plant (3-4 months veg). One cutting never made it inside and literally was in verm\perlite mix outside my house. I went out to the porch today and found the plant. It's no problem that it was outside, as it was free and I live in Rural area.

    The REAL problem:


    What the heck is going on here? Was the mother (from which I took cuttings) a male all along? NOOOOO

    Note: the other cuttings (same plant) show no signs of this. They've been in an indoor grow, getting a lot more hrs of light.

    please help! Like I said, I'm a novice! We're growing because my wife has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I'd really like to be able to grow her medicine.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot! :(
  2. newbie here but that sure looks male to me
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  3. I'm hoping maybe it's the beginning of bud? I think (hope) this because the other cuttings, taken at the same time, show no signs of this. I'm hoping that the exposure to outdoor light (fewer hours) caused the plant to begin bud earlier. Honestly, i'm at a loss. Thanks for help
  4. Male. Sorry.
  5. Yeah looks male to me too, sorry man!

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  6. god dammit. Anyone know where to get cheap seeds online that ships to USA. I dont have money for this shit *sigh*

    Thanks for your help, guys
  7. id look for clones on craigslist , thats what I did or look on offerup . With good clones you get females for sure and they are already established .
  8. I thought the same thing with my first plant but it was indeed a male. Order some fem seeds on attitude seeds or go to a dispensary grab a clone or some seeds

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  9. Upon further inspection, I noticed a few others are presenting as males. fuck my life :( I'm throwing out the whole batch. 47 plants! Ordered from Attitude today. We'll see!
  10. You win some you loose some. I'm still learning my self. what strains did you get ? I got my self a 1:1 thx cbd strain called sweet nurse and a shit ton of free seeds one of which is growing now called strawberry glue

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  11. heck yeah! I got some White Widow Autos along w some Dina Fem Blue Amnesia + the couple freebee seeds. I'm looking for high yield above all. This whole affair sets me back around a month and a few hundred dollars. Ohh well, I suppose! Again, I appreciate everyone's willingness to help a greenhand!
  12. I kinda regret getting autos I wish my plants were photo period so I can set when they make the buds however next time I'll get just fems

    Also Keep me updated for sure if you want message me your instagram or something to show our progress and set up and shit

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