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  1. Hello Yall ,

    so going on 4th week with my autos , they started showing flowers , small ones all over , grown in canna terra with organic nutes and some of advanced nutriments trio once a week

    the question is i ve heard a lot about amazing results from fox farm , but cant find this brand around , all there is are canna terra Flores & 13/14 or Big Buds From advanced Nutriments and i dont know what to chose i need big ass Yields from my ladies so whatever suggestions you have i am up for it , even home made compost or tricks to give them all what they need for max buds

    thanks a lot guys

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  2. What strain?
  3. autos , Barneys Farm , Gorilla Zkittelz
  4. You want big yields
    Get your grow environment perfect
    Get a good quality strong light
    And the nutrients will be your last worry
  5. 1000w Led , plus 600w CFL (red) , Humidity 55% ,
    i am asking about nutes for a reason but thanks for passing by
  6. 1000watt led im going to assume that it’s a blurple
    What is the actual wattage draw of that light
    My blurple that is labeled 1000w is only 160 watts from the wall
  7. I also have been having good results in using remos nutrient supercharged kit

  8. Then you need more light. Bud is made from light . You may not have asked for it but it’s good Info.
    Calling it a 1000w led and even using a cfL shows you need to research.
    There is no magic nutrient to get big yields no matter how much they try to convince you so.
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  9. man i know light equals buds , but there is some people who can afford top of the shelf high power lights , running HPS or Mars1200 leds and throw 3 inside a grow box ,

    but thats what i have and i am trying to maximise with the tools i have , so i am not expecting a Prius to outrun a lambo , but i have 2 gorilla blue autos got stunt due to humidity , i didt do anything to them beside puting them in green house , no nutes no nothing , even light they had sun or a small bulb , the Yield they are packing are crazy ,
    those new ones i am trying to take care of them as much as i can ,
  10. With autos, you should begin nutes at 1/8-1/4 of published amount. Autos can burn very easily.
  11. well first comment was bombard them with nutes and yours is saying the opposit , makes it hard to tell which path is the best to take , i gave them advanced nutriments micro grow bloom as on the bottle 2ml on every Liter , and organic mix to the soil , hope they dont get nutes burn
  12. All I can say is that I have been growing autos for over 10 years. I began with photoperiods first.
  13. bro i never ment to doubt your experience in the field , its just for a starter like me , its hard with all info opposing to each other to find the right one ,

    can you tell me if led and cfl in the same grow box is bad for them , cause they will be 1 month this week and 2 month left i want them to thrive and i cant afford a second led panel
  14. I was just giving you more info, I didn't take your reply as a slight.
    Yes, you can mix the two types of lights.

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