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  1. i just received 2 prefilled cartridges as a gift. Was told needed a battery for it and they use a 510 thread. I'm guessing variable heat would be best option so I can change heat for perfect hit. Know absolutely nothing about vape pens and was looking for some info on a decent cheap battery or set up, may it be from eBay or a company. Would a ego model be ok like a ego2 or egoT from eBay? 2200 or 1100mAh? I assume I just screw it into the battery set temp and go. Not looking drop a lot on pen or battery don't know if I'll like etc. if I do wouldn't mind investing in something better to use.
  2. Yeah those cartridges can take just about any low watt vape pen. I used the $10 ones from the tobacco shop when I was messing with those.

    I tried them on a high powered box mod (50 watts) and it melted haha.

    If you get the variable kind, start low power and experiment.
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  3. That's for quick response. Figured I could fry it and waste cartridge. Was looking on eBay. Figured it be cheaper than what store would charge me. Plus in no rush. Wanna get the right things. Just looking for right direction so I don't mess a 500mg cartridge up.
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  4. You should check out dome tobacco stores. They usually have cheap pens.
    Online takes a few days and sometimes you pay shipping.
  5. Have them everywhere live right by college town so that usually makes everything more expensive and usually if it's eBay or something shipping is free and like I said I'm in no rush. Thinking of saving it when I go to the city in 2 weeks so I got time. Know I can def pick one up in the city. Prob check my local gas station as they sell a bunch of random stuff. Was just looking at a ego-c twist price isn't bad and it has variable.
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  6. Ego twist is what I was using before I got a box mod. Don't pay more than 20 or 30 for those.
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  7. Awesome, most I've seen are around 20 or less. Figured good price range for first one and like the fact I can change temps. Gonna browse the stores tomorrow before I decide to dive in and order. Thanks for the help.
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  8. Agreed, just get a cheap ego style battery for 10-20$ and see how you like it

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  9. I have them, and you can use it on a mod box, just turn it down loe. Mine seems to be perfect at 6.2 watts which shows around 3.9 volts.. Much hotter and you will fry it
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