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Pre Employment Drug Screen

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mavs4life77, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Okay so I had a pre employment drug screen from my new job and I'm looking for reassurance that I will pass the test. So I took the test July 1 and the last time I smoked was May 27th which was a couple hits from some mexican low quality weed. May 24th and 25th I also took a few hits of a vape oil thc pen. Like 2 each time. Before May 24th I had been sober for 47 days straight dating back to April 6- May 23rd sober. Before that I only smoked a blunt. March I was sober April 1-6...But before I started cleaning my system basically starting March 31st...I was a pretty chronic user. A bowl or two a day...I took a couple of 50ng ml drug tests from the dollar store around June 5th and passed with a decent line not too faint but it was there for sure. Took another one 2 weeks later like June 20th and the line was very present almost as good as the control basically between April 6th and July 1st (test date) I had a tiny hiccup..(6 hits max in late May).. I'm wondering if i should be good? I haven't heard anything back yet and it's July 4th so they could possibly call me on the 5th...I think the lab test could be a 15ng/ml though so I'm stressing out about this... im 5'10 male weight 180..Somebody let me know please! Thank you!
  2. Forgot to mention it was a urine test. But yeah help. lol
  3. I don't think you'll have passed given the closeness of your usage to a test.
  4. You really think so? I was sober 35 days leading up to the test....I thought that should be good and before the minor hiccup it was 47 days sober.
  5. Oh hold on. I had it wrong. I thought you were talking about June. Ha, I'm tired. I can't answer with any certainty but I'd be a lot more confident in you passing now. You never know though man...besides, test is taken now right? Putting any worry towards it will do nothing for ya. Chill. I'd suggest not smoking case they find traces and want a follow up. Find out what's going on first.
  6. Lol it's cool. Thanks bro. You're right i already took it. Can't change anything now.

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