Pre-98 Bubba Kush

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  1. So its been a while since I had a tent to grow in. I'm back and here to observe and grow with my fellow urban gardeners. Its a 2x4 tent with 9 plants and it seems all are showing signs of transplant shock from last week and are turning back to lush green. Enjoy Blades

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  2. Just flipped to flower and everything is looking good.
    Here's my setup.
    400watt hps/mh and a blackstar led 240watt
    3 gal smart pots
    3 week veg
    Nutes: Cns17 from Botanicare, rapid start, cali-magic.
  3. Quick list of what I'm doing for my girls now that they are in flower. Pick up a few from the hydro shop as freebies. What can u guys say about roots organics during flower?

    Botanicare, CNS17 Bloom
    GH, CaliMagic
    Roots Organic, HPK
    Roots Organic, Ancient Amber
    Roots Organic, Extreme Serene
  4. Looks good How's the smell?
  5. My favorite grow was on the side of a mountain in a fifth wheel trailer and 12 bubba kush girls to keep me company along with my wife. Good times I wish I could get that strain back It was lost in a cross country move.
  6. Update!!!

    Smell is starting to come in and its not strong yet but seeing it in a friends room I can tell u its a few weeks away from skunky goodness.

    Also found a few bugs in their so got out the neem oil and mixed up a 5 gallon batch. Does 1oz per gallon sound like a lot to anyone? I keeped it at 1/2 of that and added some dawn n called it a day.

    Pics coming soon...
  7. So we have some pre-flowers going and its starting to smell but nothing sticky yet. Lots of nodes around the top but I feel it needs a trim and some defoliation.
    No signs of bugs since the spray but I am keeping a close eye on it, probably go to the shop and pick up another pesticide spray. This way I'm ready.

    Ppms are around 800
    ph @ 5.7



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  8. Hey Frost quick dumb question the last pic has a plant in I believe is a smart pot.... any difference from using regular pots and when u water does it leak?
  9. I really don't like plastic pots so I use smart pots. The biggest difference I see is I can water a lot more, meanwhile the roots are getting a nice supply of oxygen. Its how ive been growing for the last three years so its real easy for me.

    Now when I water I tend to not let it leak but now that I am flowering I water more. It all depends on how much water you use, I would recommend saucers to anyone growing in any type of pot a especially to test runoff it makes it so much easyer. I water till I see runoff and have these cool things I got at the Asian dollar store, it raises the plant a little and prevents it from sitting in the water also has wheels. I'll take a pic and show u guys what I'm talking about.
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    Flower Day 38

    Last pic is a friends adjustable scrog setup. He used rope and made it by hand I think it took him three hours to make, talk about devoted!

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  11. **Flower Day 40 First day of week 4**

    So made a nice light solution of nutes for the girls, mainly consisting of sweet raw, and Botanicare's ripe. Wanted to flush them but decided to put the nutes it last min.
    Filled up about 5 gals and watered them b#7#@$ down. And followed with with some close ups after I put in some batteries to take close ups of what's happening. Well here you go.
  12. Update$$$

    Week 5

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  13. Sweet looking plants ! I got plant envy lol I want a pre 98 bubba.
  14. Thanks! So far so good, its the middle of week five and its getting real smelly and sticky. Im going to start wearing gloves when I need to get work done, lol.

    So I started using that shooting powder from house n gardens. It says mix with what i would normal use for nutes. So the first time I did and no burns what so ever. Next feeding will be water and shooting powder.

    Ppm's: 800ish
    Ph: 5.8
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    *-Middle of Week 6-*
  16. Day 72, flushed once n i would like to get it 4 more times. Sugar is getting thicker and I can see that they are starting to get a lil yellow. If I do this part right I might even get some purple color out of this crop. 1369419611752.jpg

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