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  1. IF A PERSON HAD .. SAY 3500 SQ FT TO GROW FREELY.... AND DEVELOPED A PROBLEM ... A SERIOUS PROBLEM WITH INSECTS..white flies, those pesky little prple/black gnats, AND spider mites.... could a person get a "bag o butterflies" or those praying mantis to erradicate the pests without doing any further harm to the crop??
    DOES either insect feed off vegetation?? the ladybug ?
  2. I think butterflies might be nectar-feeders. Not quite sure about the praying mantis but google has always been helpful to me in the past. I think ladybugs like aphids..not sure what else they eat.

    As a side note, check what our genius US gov't is spending funds on:
  3. Praying Mantis' will help get rid of some pests... yes... spider mites.. yes.
  4. ladybugs eat up all sorts of insects.
  5. You want ladybugs.

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