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  1. So who's ever seriously thought about being in porn? Well, I have the chance now because some of my friends are trying to get into filmmaking. I've never really considered myself someone who has the "look" (throbbing 9incher/muscles) but apparently I'm a good choice. I'm 18 year old guy and so far, the only others are 18 and 19 year old girls (good looking). It seems like it would be a fun experience, I mean, being in a porno is probably better then not being in one right?

    Is anyone experienced with this kind of thing? I want to hear any stories anyone might have as I don't know what I'll be getting into.

  2. I was in one of those spring break type of productions when I was 19. Got paid $200 to do a hottie they had on staff. Wasn't anything glamorous, and I'm sure they made more off the video than they spent. Anyway, I've never seen the video and don't know what happened to it.

  3. It'll probably magically surface when you get a job oneday as a schoolteacher or city council member
  4. Oh god, I can see it now >,<
  5. lmao!! your fucked bro... unless you used a classy porn name..
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    LOL @ you if you think most porn stars are swinging 9 inchers, a 7 inch dick looks HUGE on camera when you get the camera angles going right. What they want is someone who can last like none other, follow directions and blow in a non pitiful manner. You need to be able to get hard FAST, stay hard for hours and cum on command more or less.

    If you want to impress some people, work on jelqing, PC (normal and reverse) muscle exercises and take Zinc because it makes you shoot bigger loads.

    PC muscle is what you think about when you hear "kegel"
    Normal is when you squeeze the muscle as if you're trying to stop yourself from pissing.
    Reverse is trying to push it out, if you know when you're going to be close to cumming when you don't want to, hit that reverse pc HARD and it lets a little blood flow out and take you down from the brink. You'll probably be squeezing your abs and won't be breathing.

    Practice edging with the Reverse PC, jerk it and take yourself up to the brink then HIT THAT REVERSE PC, come down, take yourself back up, come down, repeat, etc. Do this for a week or 2 and you'll have some significant endurance, you might even be able to last on set with these attractive girls looking you in the eyes as they're smoking the pole and screaming as their getting fucked.

    I'll probably end up doing it one day, either during spring break, or to have some fun before I go for my PhD...I want to be a hours will be very worthwhile if word gets out :cool:
  7. ^^^Sounds like you should be his coach!
  8. no shit, that guy is well eduated in the advanced porn techniques
  9. ahaha just snarfed my hit
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    thankyouverymuch :cool:
    self discovery is fun but I've also had a lot of practice, my flaw at the moment is that I can't cum on command at least with a condom on...I'd be so close maybe 15 minutes in with my FB bent over and then decide it should last longer so I hit the reverse PC but then I didn't cum at all cause 5 minutes later she said it was starting to hurt :( :eek:

    and she doesn't give head :rolleyes: :(

    also vitamin B is good for sex drive. Red meat is high in it, but don't eat too much or you'll feel sluggish, lol, turkey, liver, tuna, chili peppers, lentils, bananas, potatoes, and molasses are also high in it so you can diversify.

  11. blasphemy
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    I know right, I'm like seriously it's the 21st century, SUCK MAH DICK :smoking:

    OP pm me and maybe we can do business in the future, only acting though and no homo :cool:

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