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  1. Hi all. ok today i bought a ppm meter to use with my NFT system'opend the box and it said it was all ready to go so i turned on and put in tank and after a min in came up with 730..repeted test and got same.
    can some 1 give me a idea on what im spose to do with this reading plz i have about 16 litres of water in tank.plants are 3 weeks old.

    Ok since asking i have read that a reading of 400-800 is ok for small plants??can any1 confirm this and also when the reading gets below 400 do i had more nutes or do i flush tank and refill with fresh water etc etc??sry if it's a stupid question but ide rather ask and sound stupid then Fuking up me plants and proving im stupid ;)
  2. The information im posting is not my own, its all from resources ::
    A general guideline for
    TDS levels is as follows:
    seedlings = 50-150 ppm;
    unrooted clones = 100-350 ppm;
    small plants = 400-800 ppm;
    large plants = 900-1800 ppm; last week of flowering, taper off to plain water.
    Hope this helps some.
  3. have you found out how to raise ppm levels ?
  4. more nutes i spose???
  5. thats what im thinking too. and then towards the end of flowering you would use more of a diluted solution to slowly flush your plants out..
  6. last week of flowering m8 i think maybe the plant will have all the nutes she needs 'from what i have read it's just a straight flush and in with the plain???:confused:

    are you that far on are you m8? im only dreaming of that at the moment lol
  7. thats what through me off with that last part i posted..it was resourceful so not factual based. i wouldnt go by that last part either, im sticking with what you just said, straight flush then plain. sounds like you got it now :). I hope you grow well, keep us posted on how it goes..
  8. Thx m8:from all of us :smoke:
  9. Last 2 weeks is flushing the plant not one, with only one week you will have funny taste still.

    PPM will fall into its rightful spot automatically if you use your nute schedule provided by the nute company your using.
  10. Cheers m8'
    just hope mine make it that far :eek:

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