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  1. Fixing to start my dwc bubble buckets got an 3 part ph perfect nutes. Gh calimagic,bud candy, rhino skin, great white ordered. My question is my well water is testing at 83ppm can i get away with this or do i need a ro system?
  2. I would try it. If your water company uses clorimines then you will have to do something, it won't go away like chlorine. I have to use RO cause my city water is 350+ and the dogs wont even drink it.
    So I got a portable RO for my plants and RO for my drinking water.
  3. I use Tap water. left out for about 24hr

    PH before adjustment is 6.8 and PPM's usually around 30
  4. My tap water is 6.4 6.3 ph well water
  5. That is even higher than mine at 500 crazy man. I hope you can use it man.
  6. Im at 6.4 bouncing back and forth 6.3 6.4ph 83 ppm. This is measured with ebay meters but all speced in with the calibration mixture.lol before i was forced to take a hiatus was just 5 gal buckets of pro mix and didnt measure shit
  7. Im color blind so the digital meters were a no brainer i learned a ling time ago when fooling with my salt water aquariums that i couldn't desearn the colors of the liquid tests. :)

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