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  1. so I'm doing dwc useing 3 part pH perfect I just got a ppm meter can someone explain how I use it
  2. Need pics - make - model to help out all are a little different
  3. The main thing is to be sure whether it operates on the 500 scale, or the 700 scale.
    If the 500 scale, common in the US, then Electrical Conductivity (EC) is multiplied by 500 to get ppm.
    Some ppm meters have a switch that allows using EC, ppm500, or ppm700.

    Going above half the recommended fertilizer can be hazardous to your plant's health.
  4. I called advanced nuts he said he does a 100 light show and do fill streaght don't need meter with pH perfect
  5. pics

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  6. Your meter reads TDS = Total Dissolved solids = ppm = Parts Per Million
    EC = Electrical conductivity
    The meter automatically multiplies EC by 500 or 700 to get ppm (TDS).
    You can tell which it is by comparing EC with TDS.
    Some meters allow you to toggle among EC, TDS500, and TDS700.
  7. i would recommend a better one, by the picture looks like a cheap meter and you dont want one of those.. They always seem to fuckup and are never right. I hope for your sake it has temperature compensation. try and get a meter that cost around 50$ or more you will be much happier and actually rely on it.
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  8. So when ur soil is dry ready to water or feed, do this
    Take a large shot glass of soil from ur plant and the same amount of distilled water and put in a cup. Stir around. Than put one meter in and get a reading. Than the other. So that will give u the true pH of ur soil. The ppms will tell u if ur plants are eating ur feeds or if they are hungry. So if I get a reading of 350 or under I feed. If it's over 350 i water. It's just that simple

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