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  1. Hi all starting to grow a new set of plants they are going well so far, they are being grown in soil as last time i had problems with a hydro grow.

    I used tap water so could not get an accurate ppm going and then i followed a feeding schedule devised by a company which burnt the plant up.

    So now I'll be starting a new grow using a RO water purifier, so the question is this

    When using the RO water what should I start the cal-mag to ppms as i know there could be a nutrient lock with these, i will be using flora series taking the ppms to around 350 for veg and slowly rasing to 650 for bloom

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  2. What percentage of cal mag should I be using for example, if i use 100ppm of nits what percentage of that after should I be adding cal mag? I have seen some videos of growing on YouTube a lad called hygro hybrid and they recommend using RO with no cal mag

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  3. Take your water. It should read 0-20ppm if its RO. Add Calmag until you reach 150ppm. Then do whatever you want to it. Just start with a base of 150ppm

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