POWERS OUT!!!! NO LIGHTS? what can be done-list?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cannible Ox, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Good afternoon.

    Sitting here in Atlanta as my light flicker on and off from the thunderstorm that's passing by. I'm wondering "if" growing, what I could do to my lights keep going for the ladies and babies.

    1st thing that comes to mind is like a PC battery back up for each light. Would that work?

    Anyone else have other ideas, suggestions, or proven methods?

    Appreciate the help,
  2. Back-up generator, that's what I have for power outages.

    But you may not need to panic, the plant can take a few hours of dark. Depends on what stage of the plant's life it is in and, to some extent, what the light/dark cycle was prior to and after the power outage.

    If the plant is in flower then extra dark is no problem at all.
  3. I was wondering due to the lights flickering. My system is not complete and running yet. I was thinking in my head if I was flowering and something like this happened what could I do to not ruin my harvest. What would happen to my mother plants and clones? (I will have them on 24/7)

    now you really made me think. Whats going to heppen to the rest of my system? Im going to be running DWC. ohh geeze this really scares me. With no bubbles....

  4. For the bubbles you could always get a few battery powered pumps for times when the power goes out. I used them in reef tanks and they saved my corals when the power went out. As far as a generator goes, just use a great surge protector, I have had bad things happen from voltage spikes from the generator. GL
  5. battery powered pumps- Nice idea!

    Going to have to do research on quite/ cheap running generators and add it to my wish list. this is my 1st grow and im on a budget. hopefully round 2 or 3 be able to afford it.

    Good suggestions guys!

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