Power Outage Detection

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  1. I am trying to think of a way i can be alerted to a power outage when i am not at home.
    My main concern being the sump pump.
    Just the other day i came home to 4" of water in my basement. The girls sat in it for roughly 5 hours. Its been a couple days and they seem fine thought. Luckly my ballast was not on the floor.
    Im familiar with battery powered sump pumps but those are hella expensive.
    Ive seen some products out there that hook up wirelessly to a router and will send you an email but i would have to hook it up to a backup battery, along with the internet equipment. And my modem is nowhere near the sump pump so i would have to get at least 2 battery back ups.
    Not entirely out of the question but all that jazz is relatively expensive.
    Ive read a couple things about homemade relays that are constantly on, and some service or application that is constantly pinging the relay. When it doesnt respond after a set amount of time the service will automatically alert you. Sounds great but im not skilled enough in circuitry. I will research this option more if i cannot find and alternative though.

    Does anyone have any experience or advice on which route to take?

    Thank you for reading this and i greatly appreciate any input.

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