POWER out 2 days!!!! need some advice

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Aa33, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. so got my seeds from amsterdam all them came out good! a week n to budding we have a power outage 2 full days no light!! we got are lights running again but not trying to risk budding them all the way through & getting males so decided to start over from seeds again but.. HERES WHERE I NEED SOME HELP, Amsterdam seeds so not just trying to give up on them! i have space n my room big window for the light to get to them. I'm putting all my money n to my grow room so just wanna do this on the side as a lil experience

    whats some good advice to get something outta these babies? :hello:
  2. Use the window you have for sunlight, but watch it from time to time for the shade. Or use a electricitygenerator that runs on gas or something if you have that.

    What seeds you got? Picked them up yourself or had them send over? :)
  3. thanks boss! and i would get that going but gas is bout 5$ a gallon ha so that might be a lil spendy running that and a indoor. We bought one for back up though just n case that happens again.

    a buddy of mine was down there for a month and brought some back.

    Lemon Haze
    Tangerine Dream
    & Blue city diesel
  4. Good strains. Tangerine is one of my favorites.
    And yeah it might be a little expensive to run an indoor on that haha!
    How is the weather/sun this time of year where you live?
  5. its been weird as shit! sunny 3 days ago then had 9inchs of snow now the suns back out but still hella cold out. hopefully we get a good summer.
  6. Damn man where do you live haha
  7. ...2 days of darkness will not change a vegging plant to flower, nor will 2 days of light change a flowering plant to vegging.
    ...luckily for you it takes longer than a couple days to trigger them either way...good luck bro.
  8. True, but it would be better to place them in sunlight for the time the light's on normally. He's already into budding so I think it's better not to stress the plants to much?
  9. Yeah, just keep running your lights like normal. To them, in nature, they would just think it was reeeaaaallly cloudy for a couple days.

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