Power of the sun.

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  1. So today I found myself with my bong and no lighter so heres what I did, I have a multitool with the magnifying glass on it so I focused the beam and took the hit that way no chemicals whatsoever tasted great, unfortunatley where I live its almost never sunny lol so yeah.

    Its a bit of a pain in the ass focusing the beam but once you find the sweet spot ohhh yeah :D.

    Ps. Sorry bout the spelling/grammar.
  2. That, my friend, is called a "solar hit." I wish to accomplish this some day.
  3. Damit thought I had a whole new idea there lol still its pretty cool though.
  4. When I was young, in elementary school there was a magnifying glass propped up against a water bottle, and the ray was pointing to a stack of paper which burst into flames during class and we had to evacuate but it was super cool
  5. I have taken solar hits many times but it has failed me aswell.. :(

    It works great on sunny days during high noon, just make sure to orient the magnifying glass perpendicular with the sun's position. Also it is difficult to light a blunt/joint when its windy. I was able to light a jay fairly easy on a hot day though.

    It has worked for me as late as 6 PM. :hello:

    One time a few friends and I went on this crazy ass bouldering hike. We took a blunt but forgot the lighter. This black guy from California wasn't used to the mountains so he was sketching hella bad about some of the climbing spots. :smoke:

    I had my magnifying glass but there was a slight cloud cover obstructing the solar POWER!!! :mad: We ended up having to climb down and get these 2 foot long matches:confused: out of the back of my car.

    Went on 2 good hikes that day and smoked lots o' bluntage.:smoking:
  6. Lol I love days like that just chillin with your friends walkin wherever , wish I had good weather here.

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