power kush?

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  1. im going to be growing afghan and power kush. i have heard alot about afghan kush, but very little from anyone on power kush, im starting a grow journal to keep people informed on this strain, but i was hoping som1 would have some info on power kush
  2. wtf is the point of this place? im askin for help man. and whorticulture, this forum in fact this whole site, is not for people like you, this place is supposed to be for, chill, friendly, helpful people.i think your looking for the
    " im so into myself, and i try and piss people off because my life sucks, i live in my parents basement, and need to exercise so i can get a girl to look at me because i havent been laid since 1994" forum.

    someone who is not a fucking tool please help me.
  3. well what do you want to know?
  4. i want some reviews on power kush or someone who might know about power kush
    to tell me about power kush bro!
  5. I can tell myself one thing about PK, its some stinks so good. I wish I had better lights and air circulation because this strain is amazing
  6. This should help:


    Those are all threads here on GC about power kush...

  7. Never heard about it, dinafem makes a power kush, a respectable seedbank, so im sureits good, i bet youll never smoke a kush you dont like lol

    Try messing with power plant

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