Power has been out all night :/

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  1. The power went out 2 and a half hours ago and I'm just sitting here in the dark bored as fuck hitting the bong by candle light and sippin on a strawberry rum and peach/mango juice. Fuck you mother nature and your wicked ass lightning! But even she cant stop me from getting my buzz on on a Saturday night :)
  2. At least you have pot and booze :)
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    Yeahhh :) my girlfriend is passed the fuck out so no boom boom tonight :( I kinda want to sit and bong it up on the front porch and drink out there cause it's nicer outside than inside right now. Anyone ever hit their bong on the front porch and not give a single fuck? I've only done that at my buddys house and his neighbor is a cop lol. It's a relaxing feeling though

  4. i have hit a bong while on my porch before. it is a pretty awesome feeling. smoking outside at night in general is liberating.

  5. Ive done that. I love the feeling of not hiding it. Ive walked down the sidewalk in a neighborhood on my way to the park while smoking a nice joint. Highs are better when you just dont give a fuck and relax. Risky as hell though...
  6. Bummer about the power man. I rarely smoke on the front porch because it's small. But I have a killer back patio that's covered :D
  7. am i the only one wondering how you're on the computer?
  8. ipad maybe?

  9. iphone, an ipad still need wifi to be online i think :) my power just came back on after being off for the last 3 hours :hello::hello::hello:

    good thing my plants are in the dark cycle now anyways :D
  10. Lmfao we must live on the same block cause mine went out around 2 hours ago too hahahaha, Sick fucking storm though, did you see the lightning?

  11. yeah man that shit was sick!

    i live in palm beach county, what about you?

    also for an update for how my night is going :D
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQlIhraqL7o&ob=av3e]I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon) - YouTube[/ame]
  12. lol i love having sex
  13. Shit lol it must have been raining hard cause i live in ft.lauderdale lol. your like an hour and 30 minutes away

  14. nah its more like 40ish, i go to concerts there all the time :) also im glad i didnt smoke out front cause there were 2 cops chillin out in front of my neighbors house :eek:
  15. This isn't a story. ?
  16. I wouldn't smoke at my house if the power went out at night, I'd get to scared.
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    Lol why? I was pissed I couldn't use my volcano! I had a bowl packed and everything :(
  18. at least you have a computer with the internet. last time my power went off I played a gameboy color for 5 hours
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    Lol I was on my iPhone, I usually play my old gameboy when I go on road trips. Pokemon FTW!
  20. I don't mind if the power goes out once in a while. It's kinda nice to unplug and get high by candle light sometimes. Sometimes it can really suck though.

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