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  1. I had a quick queston out there for electricians or people who know about residential electricity.  I have a good size grow tent in the basement.  My circut breaker would trip with all my equipment going at the same time (because the basement shares the same circut (15amp) with a room upstairs.  Because of this I need more power from another circut.  Instead of running a powercord from upstairs (very scared it would start a fire), I decided to run it's own dedicated 20 amp circut.  I got a new 20amp circut breaker, 12/2 wire, 20amp outlet and installed it successfully. 
    Now here is my question: since I'm not an electrician I'm a little nervous that I missed something.  This is the first time I wired something myself and I'm scared a fire could start.  Has anyone did this themseleves and is not a certified electrcian.  Am I worring for nothing?  I guess it's much better than a powercord.

  2. Although you may pick up some help on this forum, try over at the Grow Room Design forum http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-room-designsetup/ There will be more chance of someone with relevant skills coming across your question, and probably some similar "how do  run an extra circuit for my tent??" questions to look over too.
    Good luck!
  3. Great thanks! I'll do that :)
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    You're not overly worried. Electricity isn't something to mess with.

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