Powdery mildew

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  1. Alright so I have a plant I'm thinking maybe 3 weeks into actual flower, it was outside I brought it in since it's getting chilly, since I brought it in about a week and a half now the buds are still getting big, haven't noticed any problems from bringing it in, except earlier today I noticed it had white spects and looking like dust on the upper part of the plant. I didn't have a chance to really take a look around the plant until I got home, I think I have it but I also tasted a few specs of the anonymous white on the leaf and it has that texture like dry wall. Now I don't know what to think, the top has that the lower part of plant doesn't have it? I'm lost on what I should do, should I leave it alone to see what happens, and maybe destroy my one plant, or maybe one of your can give me some advice on what I should do? Maybe I'm just super nervous since the plant could end up being the best one I grew so far 2nd time growing.

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  2. first, your plants are beautiful. You are a farmer. Nice work.. Unfortunately, i dont see the specks you are worried about on the pix. Maybe it is so obvious, I am over looking them?
  3. Take a damp clean sponge and wipe down what you can and see if it comes back. If its a pest, it WILL come back. Keep your eyes out for eggs and webs. These are supper small so think pin head size and smaller when you look. 3 weeks into flower till harvest is the prime time pests make their appearance in my experience. Since the plants look very healthy, I doubt there is anything serious. I would drench the plant in a good dose of neem oil to be safe. Say one heavy spray now and one a week later. Then let them go to finish.
  4. get a jewelers loupe and check for spider mites right away they reproduce at an alarming rate if there are none to be seen than most likely pm get a fan blowing on them and a dehumidifier if your rh is over 65% on a regular basis
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    Powdery Mildew is rather easy to keep under control. High PH water will do the job just fine.
    1 tablespoon of Baking soda ( Sodium Bicarbonate ) to a gallon of water. Apply once a week every week.

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  6. run a fan on them 24/7 . Will help with any molds . Do you have the light to even flower this plant ? LOL.
    Put it back outside in the day . Take it inside at night .
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  7. I have gotten did of PM with one good spraying with been oil, 1tsp. and 1tsp of Dr. Bronner’s soap.
  8. If you want something a little more heavy duty that still 'organic' I've found that copper sulfate sprays work pretty well, with a 1x/wk application, the only thing to consider is when to spray - if you've got flower then you can't.

    The other thing is that you will end up foliar feed your plants copper and there fore it is possible to over spray and get a toxic effect form the copper.
  9. Yeah I have a full spectrum light on it, getting cold outside where I live

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