Powdery mildew and hydrogen peroxide

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  1. I heard that H2O2 kills powdery mildew. Has anyone used it for this purpose? If so, how did you use it? How often did you spray? I'm still in veg (outdoors). I had some pole bean that had PM on it so I cut them down because they are close go my DRO and then I noticed on my plants it looks like it's starting
  2. yes, it works well, spray liberally. Once is enough to kill it but do it a few times over 10 days to make sure.

    If you have a problem and its close to harvest then also give them a H2O2 bath and rinse so it doesnt spread in the drying room.

    You will also have to treat the cause of the problem or it will just come back.
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  3. Ok thanks. And does this look like the start of PM

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  4. That's not PM. Looks like thrip damage.
  5. Ok cool. I was worried for a little bit. My beans had the PM and they where 2 feet from the plants. I chopped down the beans.
  6. Green cure can be sprayed up until harvest and is not as harsh as hydrogen peroxide. I've used it near the new of harvest when the bugs were getting a little dense and a few white spots. Really good stuff.
  7. is it organic?
  8. I'll just look into it lol...thanks again.

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