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  1. Hey GC, im looking for someone with a little knowledge or experience on the subject, but everyones welcome!
    I've been reading people grow journals to see the problems they've encountered and solutions. what has been unclear to me is a solid method to stepping up pot sizes with good results and good watering techniques. any input??

    ive heard of people flooding pots and then letting the water run through quickly as to suck oxygen down into the soil with as the water rushes through. good method? anyone used it? what are good watering practices in your experience?

    what is a good rule of thumb when stepping up pot sizes how long should i wait and what is a realistic number of step ups and to what size pot for the best results??

    i know its a lot of questions but i have no room for failure
    thanks!:smoke::smoke::smoke: :D
  2. Watering: While your plants are sprouts (no true leaves to the 2nd or 3rd node) you want to keep your soil moist. No standing water, but don't let your seedling dry out.

    However, as soon as it's shown it has an established root system (by putting out more leaves) then you want to start letting your soil dry out between waterings. Use your finger to test the first inch or so of the soil. If it is damp, wait another day. If it is dry, water until you get run off. This makes the roots grow towards the water at the bottom of the cup and it's the best way to test Ph.

    As for stepping up, I like to go solo cup, 1 gallon, 5 gallon because it's pretty easy. You could start right in the 5 gallon bucket if you wanted, but I like to be able to bury any stretch when I transplant.
  3. sweet thanks akhans
  4. iono how to give rep do i just say +rep

  5. Good advice....Just wanted to add when you do transplant do so when the soil dries out enogh, but still moist enough so you can get the the plant out of the pot in one shot and it's time to water. You can remove some of the older soil, but be careful not to disturb the roots. Before you handle roots wash your hands especially if you smoke.
  6. If you follow the darker green stripe at the top of people's posts to the right, you'll see the [​IMG] pic. Click it and the rest is self explanatory.

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