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  1. I'm going to start getting supplies for my first grow. Id like to buy FF Ocean Forest. But I don't have a hydro store around here. I found a 1.5 cu ft bag of it on Amazon for 40 bucks. I'm going to be growing 3 plants and my final pot is probably going to be 3 gallons. Will 1.5 cu ft of soil be enough for all 3 pots?
  2. I'm not really familiar with gallons and such but the Google calculator says:

    9 US gallons = 1.203125 cubic feet
  3. Yeah that should be enough. I filled about 6 (maybe 8) pots that size with a 2 cubit ft bag. So 1.5 should easily fill 3.
  4. Yo!! FF Ocean Forest is the BOMB!!!!! great soil have used it successfully for a number of years. Between the seedling and vegative stages and winding up with 3 gallon pots you mi.......ght need a bit more soil. Use their nutes and you will be successful in your grow.

  5. Yea. I'm going to use the soil and the nutrient trio. When should I introduce nutrients
  6. Also what pot size should I start out with??
  7. get a bunch of perlite for cheap and use like 40% pelite to 60% ffof. great soil structure and takes up more space for more root growth.

  8. Thanks man. How about pot size??
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    what are you using for a light? go with 1 gal per foot of growth you want to achieve. a 400w light wont be efficient if the plants are tall, but a 600w light would be good for 3-3.5 gal pots. put 3 pots in a triangle shape and use a 400-600w hps and you should do well. you would be better doing a scrog. use 3 plants and put a screen down low and force the plants to spread out thus creating a better canopy.

    3.5 gal pots and a good scrog with a 400w light would get about 2 oz per plant. id say 2.5-3 with a 600w
  10. I'm using CFLs bro. I'm broke haha
  11. well if you use cfls get as much wattage as you can because actual wattage is way less than comparable wattage.

    3 pots, try to have 100 watts per plant with cfls.
  12. Alright. Also I won't be able to put my plants in a triangle pattern. Just in aline cause my soon to be grow space is only 20 in deep. Maybe I should just grow a mother plant and get clones and do a sea of green grow??

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