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Potheads against Drugs-Zylark

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by lacrossestar, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. does that mean what i think it means? That you are against other hard drugs except marijuana which i nor u (i think) think is a drug more of a blessing from God
  2. uhhh... i think i already know what zy's responce to that is gonna be.
  3. yeah. pot is not a narcotic. it is a herb. end of story.

    now if only the lawmakers could grasp that simple fact :)

    edit: besides, beeing a pothead *and* against all other drugs, prescription or illegal only makes me more health conciencus and responsible. i cannot see why i should get high off of a lot of chemicals that *are* bad for you, when one has a totally safe and natural way of getting a buzz. and i hate the "domino" theory that the anti-pot zealots make everytime one talks about legalisation. if more potheads took a clear stance against hard-drugs, then maybe that'll shut the zealots up. after all, the greater majority of tokers don't do anything else. except beer and booze of course.

    i've seen people go under due to hard drugs, so i will not touch them myself, nomatter how high you get from them.

    edit2: (wasn't there a thread about multiple edits here somewhere :) ) most of the drug trade is controlled by hard-core criminals. i do not want to support them by giving my hard earned money to a bunch of low-life violent thugs. i get mine from "part-time" criminal friends, who's only crime is loving the herb like i do. some have indoor plantations of their own even. and none of them have been scoped by the cops. well, not entirely true, one has done some time, but that was due to pacifism. he didn't want to do military or civil-service, a total military ditcher, so they threw him into jail for 6 months. man that sucks. i got off military service for "medical" reasons :) well, any excuse is a good one.
  4. Zylark

    VERY HIGHLY AGREED! Its a step to responsability. responsability is another step toward legalization as well.

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