Pothead, or Professional Marijuana Smoker?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by MrBubbles, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. When I use the term Pothead, I use it sterotypically. as in the kind of dumbass that makes some of those stupid fucking commercils about the little girl drowning because the babysitter was stoned, well, people that make those commercials true. the dumbasses that are fucking dumbasses period. that kind of steriotypical view.

    So when people call me a "stoner" or a "pothead", i consider it to be in the sterotypical manner, so i take it personally. My smoking family has 2 other people in it. My bro's ryan and dan, we are a perminant family and when one of us dies we sill smoke the person who died "How High Style" (grow a plant in their ashes mixed with normal dirt and stuff). anyways, Dan is the kind of person that is completely "chill" about everything. always trying his HARDEST to keep a level head and a friendly/happy/fun time going. Dan doesn't get insulted when people call him a "pothead" or "Stoner".

    But I do. Now if someone calls me that around dan (who is always chill and calm) i would tell them to fuck off because ifd take it persoinal (in the past at least). dan noticed this and since he tries to keep everything chill he told me to chill, so i chilled, and while chilling i came up with an alternative name to be called. so when/if someone calls me a pothead now, i tell them "No I'm not a pothead, I'm a Professional Marijuana Smoker".

    Actually, that isnt where that originated from in my life, but i totally forgot about where it came from originally until that happened with dan and i thought i figured out something new even though it was somethign that was new before that i had come up with originally by myself and another friend who was getting discouraged about being called a pothead so i told her as i gave her a friendly brotherly like hug "then tel lthem your not a pothead your a professional marijuana smoker".

    as i wrote that i said it outloud without pausing or stopping, now im out of breath. lol.

    ANYWAYS, Does anyone else ever take it personal when someone calls you a "pothead" or "Stoner" in the sterotypical way?

  2. You are such a smart girl!!!! :D I'm with you on this one!
  3. As far as people go?
    I don't listen to stereotypes, I only believe what I find to be true. Unfortunately, there are Millions of people that believe these stupid stereotypes :(, and instead of arguing with them about how annoying the stereotype is, I dig their reasoning behind saying/believing it out...I've actually managed to make non-tokers tokers in this manner, once they see they are only distributing governmental propaganda about something that isn't as horrible as they've heard. Once they find out how much of an ass they sound like, they tend to shut up. :D
    Plus the fact that the word never bothered me...
  4. Thats very true, professional marijuana smoker sounds so classy as well. Maybe people will start realizing what an elegant lifestyle us "professional marijuana smokers" live.
  5. what? I got lost halfway down
  6. doesnt proffesional marijuana smoker sound too long well too mee it does... so therefore i think Pro-toker sounds better
  7. I think we shud call ourselfs, Gumbuckets
  8. i do take offence to that, i'm a mother, so i don't care to be called a pothead just because i like to smoke. there aren't many positive names for us.or any at all for that matter unless we've made them up for ourselves.

    for me, there's a time and a place for me to use my vices. u can be a dumbass pothead and smoke in front of your little ones, or u can be a responsible smoker. i try not to worry about what people think, i know i'm a good mom.and that's all that should matter. if my kids are running around in thier diapers outside in the middle of the road and i'm sitting inside smokin pot all day watchin springer, yeah, then u can call me a dumbass pothead. until then(which is never!) i'm a mom who likes to smoke!
  9. The point of being called a "Professional Marijuana Smoker" is because its much more sophisticated and because its long. It sounds so cool to say "I'm not a pothead im a professional marijuana smoker".
    and rock on, I think that all moms should be like you. when your kids get older (like in their teens) if you still smoke, would you ever smoke with them?
  10. thank you! it's hard for me to answer that. i don't know if i would smoke with them. i don't think i would punish them or stop them from smoking unless it's holding them back. or if they are too young to be smoking pot. maybe once they are older i would smoke with them. maybe i wont be smokin then. who knows? can't see that happening really, but u never know.
  11. Both of my parents know that i smoke and they havent really said anything about it. They understand that its a thing to do for lots of people, so they dont tell me to not do it, regardless of the consequences because they will be mine if anything bad happens. My mom told me shes only smoked a few times, and I know my dad had to have been a stoner even though he doesnt like to admit it ;-). I think the way that they have let me be free and open wiht it is perfect

  12. i really wish my parents were like that, they hate me now, they think that weed is some type of hard core drug? they completely FLIPED, my dad yelled at me for an hour, and it wasnt like"im disopointed in the choices ur making" it was like he was calling me names, and a piece of shit scum of the earth a stupid bitch, things that made me feel worthless even though im not, i just want him to accept what i do and move on, is it seriously that hard?
  13. if they want people can call me a pot head but its usually said in a negative way. i was called it by a relative and it made me feel like the crap

    I love proffesional marijuana smoker, that sounds good enough to put on my CV!
  14. Lol, I'm going to put that in my resume when I try to get a job--"I've been a professional marijuana smoker for over 3 years" .... lol oh and about the mom toking with kids thing, I toked with my dad for the first time when I was 13, and still do occasionally, but my mom would flip out if she heard anything about that.
  15. if i still smoke by then, i'll introduce mine at 16-17.
  16. I make people call me The Brigadier General
  17. Professional Pothead Smoker.

  18. I kind of take it personally...but... you grow to accept it. I find it SO frustrating that people think that everyone who smokes pot is going to die a horrible, burning sacrificial death and should be condemned to hell.
  19. pot head and stoner kinda makes me ticked but what really burns me is when people who dont know me (keep in mind i have long hair, wear pretty "comfy" clothes, and moccisens) ask me "do you do drugs?" or "have you ever tried (insert every drug they've ever learned about in health class in HS here).
    I just cant answer those questions for strangers. its like there quizzing you on how "marijuana savy" you are cuz wen u say yes you never know how they'll react or whos listening and if u say no you feel like your lying to yourself like ur ashamed or w/e. some people gotta grow up and respect others decisions on what THEY wanna put in THEIR body...

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