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Discussion in 'General' started by thedeadwalkk, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Hey all, i dont know if this is allowed but if it isnt, mods feel free to take it down. Im down to my last little bit of bud for the next 2 weeks or so, and im wondering if theres any way to potentiate weed. I know you can eat mangoes before and it helps with the THC crossing your blood barrier, but i dont have any mangoes. So does anyone know anything else? help is appreciated. :smoke:
  2. Just smoke it and enjoy it.
  3. A) smoke moar
    B) use a bong
    C) cook it, always knocks me on my ass
    D) smoke on an empty stomach
  4. Eat it lol make a weed brownie or buy one and youll be set.

  5. i have enough for 3 medium sized bong bowls. Not enough to make edibles :( and i like the act of smoking it, and preffer the high over eating it. The only time i eat edibles, is if i have a sativa smokable
  6. resin hit the FUCK outta your pieces. all of em. look for kief in a grinder...

    scrap anything for resin yo

  7. i did that last night lol
  8. Look in the couch cushions for more bud.
  9. LOL the couch cushions. That'll be some fuzzy bud.

  10. Not if it's all leather man.
  11. You could call me a conservationist or a scrounger..

    1. Look for weed on your carpet/ where you smoke at
    2. Look for good ash. Not really ash but buds that aren't burnt all the way through. Break them up if it helps(I keep an ashtray that can last me a few weeks in ash)
    3. Cut up stems with some wire cutters. Put them in a bowl(not bong - there's not enough smoke) There is THC coated lightly on the outside so skim it with the lighter. Be careful not to burn all the way through - it's got a harsh taste

    Sorry if these aren't the uhhh.... healthiest options.

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