Potential sick job.

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  1. Obviously, I can't go into too much detail here due to legal reasons, but..

    My boss at the company I intern for is an old school hippie. He introduced me to legitimate dank, and has basically become the reason I respect, love, and know what I know about herb today.

    He has friends in the emerald triangle with a huge op that he goes out to once or twice a year to trim for ridiculous amounts of money for a few days, just to see them and pick up some bud for back here.

    I was talking to him earlier in the week and brought it up to him, and he said they were cropping out again in a couple of weeks. I asked (mostly jokingly) if he could get me a job clipping for the season there, and he said he'd give the guy a call to see and seemed pretty confident I could be going out there.

    Talked to him again yesterday, and he told me he was going to give the guy a call this coming wednesday when I come in to see if I could get out there for the season when it starts.

    I'm very excited about this prospect. The money is obscene (lets just say I won't be able to put it in a bank without raising suspicion and I'll be able to support myself for a LONG time..) and I'll be on a farm, clipping weed and smoking good all day every day.

    It'll be for between 1-2 months, I'm told. My lodging is taken care of, and I'll have initial costs covered by my parents provided I'll be more than able to pay them back.

    And provided I get to go out there to begin with, I'll be spending some time in various places on the coast seeing friends and whatnot after the seasons over. I plan on visiting some headshops and picking up at least one very high end piece of glass to celebrate the occasion.

    I've been dreaming of a career in cannabis for a long time now, and this may be the stepping stone I needed to get there. If I can't get a permanent job with those guys, it'll be a spot on the "resume" for when I continue looking.

    Let's hope it comes through. :smoking:
  2. Good luck man, hope it all works out and you leave with fat pockets. :hello:
  3. don't get killed.
  4. hopefully thats not you in your avatar... unless you're doing this in a legal manner, in a state with legal medicinal bud, you should probably keep your identity a secret! :)

  5. Secret identities are very important...

    Because you are the stoner we deserve, but not the one we need right now...

  6. I'll be in the emerald triangle in NorCal.

    And that's not me ;)
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    Lol it sounds all too good, hopefully they don't hold you as a hostage. People do crazy shit for a quick buck. :wave:

    Honestly, who will let you smoke dank all day every day, pay for your accomodation, food, expenses etc and give you some quick cash on the side? (im guessing you are thinking of recieving about 10grand?) It sounds like your boss is leading you into some trouble, or some kickass dream.
    Expect the unexpected.
  8. Man that would be the best life ever. I would sell all mys shit and try to drive my worn out olds from ks to cali for that opportunity. Good luck hope it works out.:hello:
  9. make sure to be badass, dont be a bitchass or you'll get killed, lol jus playin man sounds fuckin awesome

  10. If the people he's helping out have a legit grow op they are probably making tens of thousands of dollars, paying a trimmer 10g's isnt uncommon at all.

  11. This. It's a massive op, and my boss (who is also a very good friend of mine) is good friends with the people who run it. It's a bunch of older hippie guys in the mountains, I don't have anything to worry about on a personal level. I've seen his pictures from his trip there and back and the last thing I'm worried about is my safety there.

    I won't go into the specifics, but let's just say that 20 g's a month is a conservative estimate for my paycheck if this goes through.
  12. good luck

    i'm hoping you'll be spending your ridiculous amounts of cash on your ///M!
  13. Why do you think I've been lurkin AA and Dinan's websites? ;)

  14. for something like this?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4Q48mWmz4c&feature=related]YouTube - Dinan Supercharged BMW M3[/ame]

  15. you were IMing me about this... how do i get a job? lol
  16. i have been to the area, and dont EVER let your guard down, that is just not smart.
    you most likely wont have to worry about law enforcement, what you will have to worry about is rippers. it is a very real and a very serious threat every harvest in the emerald triangle.

    i have the very same opportunity this september, when EVERYONE is harvesting. your guys must have gotten a head start with a harvest big enough to have you trimming for 2 months in july.

    im really hoping my buddy comes through for me with the job as well. im pretty confident he will.

    best of luck to you! hope it works out!
  17. I'm a pretty big and rough guy, I can handle myself out there in the case of an altercation. But I'll definitely keep that in mind, and I appreciate the warnings.

    I'm not sure the details of this particular op or why they're cropping out this early, but it's a huge harvest and it's also partially indoors. I think that may have something to do with it.

    And thanks, best of luck to you too, buddy. Happy clipping! :smoking:
  18. By knowing the same people I do, of course! :smoking:
  19. Hell yeah dude that's awesome. Good luck, I hope you get it! You get to make a lot of money, I was reading about a few smaller ops in that area where the growers were able to pull in 250k+ each cycle.
  20. Most of the time growers pay helping hands with free bud, not money...

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