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Potential Hookup...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by afhottieprep, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. You are definitely not proficient in types of marijuana.(i before e except after c wtf? lies!)
    If you ask for Sativa but say Kind Bud, there's no point in saying Sativa.
    That's like saying "Get me either a Chocolate shake, or a Milkshake".
  2. actually you are wrong. I am not a teenager, do I talk like one? lol. I think its because I'm deaf and deaf people are not as good 'speakers' as hearing people.
  3. hahahahahahahaha tool
  4. ah I see..well im not really that knowledgeable in different kinds of buds or strains like that. I just normally get whatever weed is there and smoke it.
  5. This thread is almost as exciting as your car trouble.
  6. lmao.
  7. ok that's fucking never coming back on this forum again or posting anything. fuck you all:mad::mad::mad:
  8. ^ see what you did :(


    On the side note. Buddy, asking for *cough* "strains" like the extinct purple haze or a name for weed (a.k.a. kind bud), you are just saying to the dealer "OH GOD JUST SCREW ME OVER AS BAD AS YOU CAN!". Not to be mean, but you shouldn't give dealers this kind of vibe...
  10. How, exactly, do you plan on calling someone if you're deaf? :confused:
  11. Aw, come on blades, this isn't the type of environment the City is trying to produce. NEVER pay over 350/oz even for the dankest, unless it's purple (I guess this rule applies in Florida because we cannot grow in the cold and bud doesn't turn purple so when it arrives in everyone's all OMGAWD PURP DANK 30/g!)

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