Potential burglar casing out my home

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  1.  There's some stupid bitch casing my home out.  I've been noticing cigarette butts in front of my house that arent my brand.  Normally, one would think "oh it's just someone that walked by and coincidentally threw a cig there", but no.  There were several cigs there, with this ugly-ass lipstick shade on them.  Either that, or the whore is into scat, or something.   
     So fast forward to now; I was taking shots of my scorplings in the dark with red light, and i detected movement in my peripheral vision, so i look through the blinds, and this tweeker whore did a really slow 180 across the street, walking really slowly around my house.
      So i abruptly walked outside and stared her down, she walks slowly back to the corner of the street, and just kinda stands there, like trying to act like, casual, or something :laughing:. Then she slowly walks behind the wooden fence nearby..  Then this car drives by without its lights on, stops where she was trying to "act casual", and then slowly drives in the same direction.  
     I called the police, but i dont have faith in them, so I'm gonna stay up til the morning hours.  I have rigged a simple alarm in case one of these hypothylamus-challenged nitwits decides to pull something on me.  
     Either that, or i have a secret admirer that wants the D.  

  2. That sucks did the cops show up yet?

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    if you have a shotgun, empty the shells and refill with rock salt, non deadly round but will send a message if needed, JUST saying.

    if you're run in on, of course.
  4. Still no cops.  A chopper is circling the area, but that's it.
      I'll make sure to get some lulz-worthy footage if the alarm is tripped.
  5. A chopper? Is this a troll lol

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  6.  Nah, though I'm sure the first thing you thought of when you read that was "Arnold".
      Where i live is a high-crime area, police station right next to me, they have a helipad on top of the station, with helicopters circling all day long.
  7. Shit that's crazy.. I live in a rich neighborhood surrounded by snobby Jewish people lmao. Remember if anyone steps in your house you have the right to fuck a bitch up. Night man.

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  8. if your state is anything like Texas, just be seen hanging out on your porch with your rifle/shotgun laid across your lap. and the rock salt idea is brilliant.
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    Relax. Hookers gotta eat.
    Walk out there in shorts and stilettos, smack the ho and tell her this is your corner. 
  10. Get the shotgun ready LOL

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  11. Definitely get the shotgun ready
  12. by shotgun
    they mean get the D ready to pump some rounds into that ho
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    It sounds like the only solution, given that we don't know if she wants his dick or his money, is to:
    Pop a viagra to maintain 6 hour stark raging boner
    Grab shotgun
    Greet intruder with 2 options once they burst in.
  14. Leave empty bullet casings or shotgun shells on your porch

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  15. Dammit you saw me
  16. california has very tough gun laws
     In fact, in this state you cannot legally shoot someone that trespasses on your property, even if THEY have a gun.
      Open carry was attacked, pissing thousands of hunters off, as well as obummer's plan to force bullets to be tracked.
      We have Dianne uglystein to thank for this.    
     I'm sure I scared the retards off.  If they're chicken-shit enough to use a girl to break into cars and homes, they're pussies.
     lol "Man, i'm on probation!, you go!"  "Nah man, i got two priors!"  "Dont look at me, ive got two strikes.."  "Let's send the tweeker hoe!"  "Capitol idea, tweekerton!"
  17. Ive had something similar happen not too long ago here, it all started when this junkie cunt stole my cigarette butt can, she did have the decency to wait until i set another can out there cause that one was full but still it annoyed me because my neighbor said she saw her lurking up to my porch at like 230 AM; I saw the can across the street in the alley and noticed what house she lived in, talked to the owner and appereanty she is squating with some riff raff.
    I began to notice her in the window, she was watching everybodys leaving times and coming back times (My roommates) and so we started always having somebody in the house because im sure she would take the chance to break in.
    Were still trying to figure out what to do here, i live in Canada so guns arent really an option and to make matters worse we live in a really really heavy area of town, lots of drug deals go down even outside my house, my other neighbor that lives across from me is an HA guy all patched up always wearing his leather smoking stuff in the window always looking at the street. There are 7 houses down the street to my left and at the end a great big fence that blocks access to the highway, well we get maybe 70-80 vehicles driving down there daily, obviously way more traffic then there should be its kind of a bad situation.
    I plan on confronting this person next time i see her and you should probably do the same OP, maybe take some pepper spray with you or something non conspicious but yeah let her know you see whats going on and understand that these people rarely work alone. 
  18. And dont forget to double tap and make sure you got er.
  19. leave them where her cigarette butts can be seen. 
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    thats such a waste of ammo though man......shits EXPENSIVE depending on the caliber of the round.....I'd just do the rock salt thang myself brotherrrr........just sayin.. :devious: :devious: :devious:

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