Pot vs. Pets

Discussion in 'Pets' started by EMACMOE, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. If your pets could talk? what would they say about your smoking habits?would they be a smoking buddy or that anti dog. Im not talking about getting them high but based on their reactions in the presence of you doing drug how do you think they would feel? forgive me im high and havent seen a soul since wednesday and Im not leaving home til I run out of bud its too damn cold. I gotta think of something...
  2. if my cats could talk they'd probably be pretty annoying since they already beg for food 24/7
  3. my cat doesnt like smoke. period. so im guessing he doesnt like the smell either. he still chills with me when im grilled. I love that cat, had him since I was 10.
  4. my dogs like it when im baked cuz i play with them more theyd probably be like pass the shit (i've never gotten them high though)
  5. Ha my friends dog Cheech loves that shit.
  6. Any time my black lab sees me get out my smoking gear (spoon + bud + lighter) he starts to follow me around wagging his tail...
  7. EVERYTIME I get some real dank nugs, I shove it in their face to gauge their reaction. They always have a puzzled look and pull away real quick. I guess they know whats up with that dank, I like showing animals my illegal things.! :hello:
  8. Don't get to see my dog much any more but pretty sure she likes being around me when Im high. Shes gets so many treats and food.
  9. if my cat could talk he would probably blow back with me, if i leave a blunt on the counter or somthin hell eat it, and if i got some bud in my coat pocket he fall asleep with his head in the pocket.
  10. I'm not sure if my dog Storm like the bud, but sometimes when we're smoking I get crazy itches to play with her. It's funny because we're be wrestling full on, and when the doobie gets passed to me she stops what she's doing and watches me take a rip. When I pass it she returns to chomping my hand.
  11. Everytime I pull out my weed to pack a bowl my dog knows what I'm doing and doesnt like the smell... so she usually sits there staring at me with those big puppy eyes and it makes me feel really bad about myself (damn above the influence dog).
  12. Ohhhhhhhhh this is a good one. Great post

    My dog is a little pain in my butt. She is 4 pounds of b i t c h. Shes nice most of the time, but being a chihuahua...well.....

    My older daughter talked me into these land sharks but.....

    She mellowed one day just recently pretty bad. I dropped a crumb from my cookie...it was very tiny....and she ate it. She ate and wanted more, but NO WAY.

    Then.....this happened

    She got very very stoned and was very worried. I put her into her bed and covered her up with the blankets. I have a picture and will post it sometime when I have more time.

    IF MY DOG WOULD TALK SHE WOULD CALL ME A BAD MOMMY....or maybe a good mommy? LOL
  13. Haha I had a bag of weed in my hand one and my dog started jumping trying to grab it and then just rolled over (I tell him to roll over before I give him food sometimes), ahah I laughed my ass off. My dog's a fiend.
  14. Marijuana was grown by the river banks many centuries ago for the animals to eat. For some reason it works differently in their systems. They instictivly know its good for them.

    BTW my spelling sucks and thats all I am going to say. LOL
  15. If I was smoking and my dogs just started talking all of the sudden, they'd probably say something to the effect of, "hey! what are you doing? wanna play? huh? huh? huh!? wait my butt itches, ok. what were you saying?"

    My friends and I were all playing with her baby chihuahua last night as we're baked as shit, dogs are the shit hands down.
  16. There is nothing like a chihuahua to make you laugh and giggle.

    But they are like grandchildren.....play with em and give them BACK.

    Land shark
  17. Man I kind of wish my dogs could smoke, I'm sure if given the option they would. Everytime I'm smoking they tend to be kind of annoying, always trying to get as close to you as they can ( 2 big ass dogs) ; I dont know...............................:smoke:
  18. lol, this is such a great thread. i'm pretty sure my dog wouldn't approve of my smoking.
    i swear every time i come home baked she gives me the most disappointed and ashamed look a dog is capable of. reminds me of my mom:eek:
  19. One of my dogs would be such a stoner, the other would blaze sometimes just becuse her sister does.
  20. same man my dog runs away from me whenever i start to blaze then hell come back all timorous and shit haha its funny
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