pot strawberries?

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  1. heard about these from a few different people.. splicing strawberries with weed producing fruit.. myth? or does anyone have any more information on the subject?


  2. definitely a myth hun :) ive heard the same thing about tomatoes before :p
  3. i wonder if you splice the hop producing plant with a cannabis, what it would produce. the hop plant is a cousin of the cannabis plant. make some skunky tasting beer with a plus

  4. I dont think there would be a point. But then again maybe hop/weed infused beer would give a unique flavor? i doubt it since weed tastes like shit. also, if the only reason for that idea is to make beer, wouldnt it just be better to infuse the beer with some activated THC?
  5. Pretty sure that's a myth, but the picture was helpful with clarification.
  6. Weed tea is good, if you could get that flavor into a hop so it carries into a nice homebrew with some mild citrus added like a shock top style beer would be awesome. It wouldn't have to contain THC just around 5% alcohol would be fine, I would drink it more for the taste.
  7. how do you make weed tea??
  8. Just use leaves or buds like you would a tea bag but it won't get you high, maybe just a little buzz because it doesn't activate the THC properly. You could make a green dragon(weed sitting in alcohol, alcohol activates THC) and add some to the tea so you get a nice high off it.

    I think there is a way to use milk as well that will get you a nice high but that I am unsure of how to do.
  9. i doubt it since weed tastes like shit

    Maybe yours does... Mine sure the heck doesn't...

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    It's time to "nip this in the bud" before any more misinformation is passed on by uninformed beginners. No, you cannot graft mj to other plants. You will never be eating pot strawberries, oranges or any other type of fruit grafted to mj.

    This is scientifically impossible, grafting plants can only occur between plants in the same plant family. Even with grafted plants there is no transfer of dna between the stock and scion.

    Hops is in the same family, but there is no documented success of grafting between mj and hops, only anecdotal evidence at best. There is enough bad info in mj forums without adding more fuel to the fire like this.


    Good morning J, you are up early today. :wave::smoking:
  11. morning rant over heh? loll
  12. PW - you just burst my bubble - I wanted veggies covered in crystals!

    Wuzzup buddy! ;)

  13. I don't understand the bolded part, at all
  14. i know the question's been answered but let's keep going.

    grafting with fruits just allows the nutrients to transfer from the living plant to the branch you've grafted onto it.

    you don't magically start getting orange limes and apple flavored pears. that'd be bananas!
  15. This should answer your questions on grafting hops and cannabis! :D

    Cannabinoid formation in Cannabis sativa grafted inter-racially, and with two Humulus species (abst - 1975)

    and a comparison of the two

    Chemotaxonomic features associated with flavonoids of cannabinoid-free cannabis (Cannabis sativa subsp. sativa L.) in relation to hops (Humulus lupulus L.).
    [FONT=&quot](abst – 2002) [/FONT][FONT=&quot]Chemotaxonomic features associated with flavon... [Nat Prod Lett. 2002] - PubMed - NCBI[/FONT]

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