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  1. I've been growing my sprouts inside... I want to do this until the 3rd or 4th node comes. Currently they are in 5" paper party cups (not very big) with a radious of about 3 inches...Will these cups provide enough space for my plants until I put them into the ground??? thanks..
  2. No, that cup is not going to be big enough to grow ur plants until the 3rd or 4th node. sure It will work but your plants roots won't be able to strech out as far as they could, they'll become root bound in that cup
  3. k, thanks...i understand rootbound, but would it restrict the plant from growing bigger since its not in a lot of soil would that make the plant not want to grow bigger???

  4. Yes.
    If you want to keep the plant small, keep it in a small pot.
  5. I had them in 6 inch plastic cups and after 2 weeks the root system is already much larger than the actual plant above at that stage. I'm definitely transplanting sooner from now on to avoid disturbing the roots too much.
  6. so would it be okay if I put them in the ground in a week or so??? will they be big enough??...or is there a standard to how big they should be before putting them in the ground??? I dont really want to mess around with transplanting and what not, I just want to put them in the ground but I dont want to kill them or something..
  7. ive been transplanting mine regularly indoors/outdoors but im sure that cant be good for th babies in my part of the word (scotlands weather = crap) but they all worked out aight cept a few that got munched by something lol.
    just be careful not to break the stem and if they droop over..i just put toothpicks next to em for a day or so and they straightened themselves out.
    good luck :)
  8. you can put them in the ground if you want. it's up to you. really the only problem you might run into is an animal eating them, but that's very possible.. can't really predict the future there. i suggest waiting for your soil to dry so it will be stuck together better when you transplant, cut the cups and peel them down the sides. transplanting is going to be a bitch, trust me. haha. i had some problems transplanting and i've learned to transplant them a lot sooner next time so i don't have to deal with those problems. with one of them the whole mass of soil started crumbling apart and i had to do the best i could to flip it in to it's new pot but one of the roots got taken off. it was only one out of a bunch though so i'm hoping the plant doesn't go into shock for too long.
  9. ya ill piss around the area to keep the rabbits and such away, the whether here has been pretty stable (hot) so im not really worried to much about anthing else execpt if they get fried.
    what else can I do to warn off preditors...?? never really thought much about that..

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